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First Time Addict


Real Person
I am not totally clear on what all happened over our anniversary weekend, but I know that whatever happened, I am hooked and totally addicted to what happened. My wife and I were headed out of town for the weekend and she promised a new surprise would love and had been begging her to try. My mind was going wild as we drove the three hours to the hotel in the mountains.

We arrived and got settled into our room. Around 5 she said it was time to start getting ready. We stripped down and headed for the shower. It was clear from the beginning, I was to take care of her needs and wants and not worry about what I wanted. I soaped her up, front and back, then she rinsed. Then she handed me the razor and I shaved her legs and then for the first time ever, she let me shave her lips. It was the most intense feeling as I realized I was getting her ready to go out.

After the shower, I was to put lotion all over her shaved areas and get her all smooth and sexy for the night. She had picked out a new dress and I was so excited to see her in it. After the lotion was applied, I helped her into her new bra and panties.

Her new bra and Panties

After getting her panties and bra on, she began teasing me. Before long, she had me on my back on the bed, naked with my little cock standing up as tall as it could. She then kissed me on the mouth and covered my eyes with a blindfold and ordered me to lay there until she left. If I did not obey, I was going to get a punishment. I began fantasizing about what she was going to do.

Then it was clear. NOTHING, is what she had planned for me. I could hear her getting ready, finishing her hair, her makeup and such, then the phone rang. She said she was about ready and hung up. After a bit more commotion, she came to the bed, turned on the TV and kissed me good night. I began getting her to make me cum first, I could not believe how horny I was. Nothing, she just left.

I lay there wondering what and when something might happen. I have no idea how long it was when I heard a door open and shut. I thought it was ours and asked if she was back. Nothing. I realized that someone next door had come in their room and that is what I heard. It was apparent by the moaning, the screaming and the bed banging I was hearing.

I began fantasizing about her being in the other room with a huge BBC taking care of her needs. I thought I was going to explode. Before long, I heard a huge finally of screaming and begging and pounding and then nothing.

A while later I heard my phone ding that a message had come in for me. I quickly grabbed the phone and read my message. There was a short note, "She is mine tonight." Following the message were two pictures, both of her laying naked. I got rock hard when I saw them.

New Tattoo

New Tattoo and New Toy

I was dying, she was finally getting anything and everything she wanted. I could not beg or even pay her to play with herself for me. She hates touching herself, let alone teasing her own nipples or using a toy on herself. The tattoo was so taboo for her, I would never even ask or tease about it. I was in shock and horny as hell.

A number of hours later, I got another note from her. "Finally on my way, better be as I left you or else!!!"

She arrived shortly after to find me stiff as a board in the middle of the bed with my blindfold on. Without a word, she climbed onto the bed and then onto my chest. I could hear some shuffling and then she shifted forward and moaned as she slide onto my mouth and told me to suck her. I reached up as ordered and began licking and sucking her lips and clit.

I was in heaven as I could feel her juice and I can only imagine his juice flowing as I cleaned her up. Shortly after, she leaned back and took it away from me. It was then she lifted my blindfold and let me watch as she slid her toy into her lips and then leaned forward and told me to suck her clit again. In no time she was cumming all around her toy and down my face. I cleaned her up as best as I could.

I am still waiting for the remainder of her story as she has not told me the history behind the toy or the tattoo, only that she had found what I had asked her and that she let him do things she could never let me. She said she had to, once he had filled her, she knew she was his to use as he wanted.

I never really understood until now, the rush that comes with being a Cuck, I thought I did, but nothing like this. I am instantly hard whenever I think about it.

What do you think of our first time? Does she look hot with her toy and her tattoo? Love to hear your comments.
I love the Tattoo, its a sign that she gave in to him totally. But I would not worry about her being owned yet. If she was owned, she would not have come back to your room that same night. If she was owned by a Bull, he would have kept her hot body naked for the entire weekend, using her to fulfill his every need and desire, and her doing it willfully.

Has she told you everything that happened? If she did, did she say she let him do things she wont let you do? I bet she did and if she has not said anything, that is why. She doesn't want you to know he took her in ways she couldn't say no to him, but will say no to you.


Real Person
I am still getting bits and pieces. So far the only shocking thing I have been told is that when he registered in the hotel, the hotel just happened to give him the room right next to ours. So all the moaning and screaming and banging I heard was them. So hot!!!!