First cuckold experience?

For those that have experience in this lifestyle...............What was your first experience? Did you take a baby step and watch your wife in a night club, get hit on? Or did you go all out on the first time? We are looking for ideas on how to start out. We are both into the fantasy, but we want ideas on first steps.


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My first wife was a very attractive tall dark blonde that always seemed to get hit on especially at parties where alcohol was involved, the more the guys drank the bolder they became. My wife became much more flirty and had less resistance and she enjoyed the attention and made it clear I wasnt to cause problems she could handle them.


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.... We are looking for ideas on how to start out. We are both into the fantasy, but we want ideas on first steps.
I think this is a wise and sensible approach you're taking, congratulations. You really don't know how this activity will eventually affect your marriage long term. It may all be excitement, initially, but the slightest change in either of your desires causes some frustration, jealousy, and/or other negative emotions to crop up. So keep in mind that the purpose of doing this activity is to add excitement to your own sexual relationship for the both of you.

My wife and I (now together 20 years) started our swinging in college, then went monogamous for a while after marriage; we realized we missed the occasional 3-somes and couple swaps from our school days, so we started back up. Its different to start out as a married couple, however, so decide on some guidelines (parameters) to your swinging activities and stick with them. Don't let other people persuade you to break the guidelines you've set. Personally, I don't recommend the wife or husband going out on swinging dates and then coming home to the other spouse, as it gives emotional involvement an opportunity to interfere with the marital relationship. The last thing you want is to have one spouse get jealous of the other; both of you should receive equal excitement from your activities or avoid doing them.

Good luck ... hope it turns out the way you imagine! Mac