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Fine married female 39yo with cuckold friend in Boston

She is a BBC slut female whose husband is not into this. i am a 62 yo white boi in chastity whose wife is not into this. But the two of us have gotten together to provide service for Black Males in the Boston area. She will kneel as well as spread her legs for You. And i of course will be there fluff You and clean You up as well as eat the creampie You leave behind. Send me a note and we can begin to take good care of You


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Yup, I got an email from the woman with pictures as well.
Well, I got an email from a woman who mentioned this post with her photos. Anyway I'm not going to mess with a dude.
As easy as it was for this dude to make a post claiming to have a female, it's just as easy for him to email you claiming to be a woman and to send you pictures that have been pulled from a myriad of other websites.

I guarantee that if you asked to speak to or video chat with "her", there would be some kind of excuse, and if you were to make plans to meet with "her", you would be waiting there by yourself or he would show up and try to convince you that his mouth is as good as any woman's.

It's sad to say, but on a site like this, you are much more likely to be communicating with a gay/bisexual white dude than you are with an actual woman.