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Faking orgasms

Did you fake orgasms with white guys?

  • Occasionally

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Frequently

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 4 26.7%

  • Total voters
No, never. If I am having sex, it is because I want it, and if I want it I will have an orgasm. Just because a dick is smaller does not mean you won't have an orgasm. A bigger dick may give you a better or different orgasm but not to say a smaller one cannot. I have had big and small and everything in between.

And if I am not into it, you ain't getting into "it". I will jerk you off but that's it.


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pic_word_OUCH.jpg ......You ladies speak of a very tender subject for many of us guys who pride ourselves on our lovemaking skills. We all have our needs & requirements in making a sexual experience a good one, it only makes sense to help your partner know what turns you "on" and turns you "off". This is particularly important when its with someone you have a long, caring relationship with.
.....It's a known fact that women usually have more difficulty in reaching orgasms than men. Most the time, I think, is because women tie their orgasms into their emotional state with the one they're with, whereas, to men, its more often "just about having an orgasm". So, that makes us guys appear "insensitive" or "selfish". However, let me encourage you ladies to please take the time to let the guys know what works for you. We actually love a woman sharing/telling us what turns them on ... most of us want that sexual experience you have with us to be the best ... to some degree that's why some guys are here.
......Contrary to what we often read here, however, a Big Cock doesn't necessarily make a guy a good lover, and there are probably just as many black men, as white men, who lack the real skills of lovemaking. There's a lot more to it than just the "in & out" for sure. So, ladies, don't be afraid/bashful in revealing your secret formulas/buttons that will make your experience with US a good one ... we really want to know.
What we want to happen when we make love to you ladies ... gif_Arrow-right.gif ................ gif_FireWorks.gif
On your point about a big cock doesn't necessarily make a guy a good lover...I've been with men who acted like it was a privilege for me to be with them because of their size and who basically want me to do all the work with no regard for me. Nope. Not how it works with this girl.

I'm fully engaged and will make certain you're happy and satisfied. But it's about sharing in the fun. Reciprocate. Listen when I communicate.

I've never had sex where I didn't orgasm. But there is a huge difference in what happens. Minimal effort might get a tiny little clit O. Pay attention and there are big, screaming, squirting Os. But never any faking....