So we are new to the site, and so far have found out a lotof people on here are fakes... We have talked to a few people and found out they are just looking for pics and stuff. How do you figure out who the real people are... The hubby not a real "cuck" always involved but likes to see the wifey enjoy herself, with men,women and couples. Let us know if you are from the area(Pittsburgh) and if you want to get together sum time. Male, female or couples...
There is no shortage of fakes anywhere. It's magnified online because it's so much more anonymous. My advice to you is to always use caution by doing all you can to verify first. Unless and until I meet a prospective bull in person, in a public place and have a very in-depth conversation, nothing more happens. Voice verifying is also a good start. The bottom line is that it takes time and experience to learn to spot and weed out the fakes. By the way, the fakes are from both sides of the equations.