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Fake Profiles!


Real Person
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Unfortunately, we have encountered our share of fakes...and there's no shortage of wannabes out there too...it's just a product of the anonymity of the Internet and other forms of electronic communication.
The pic you take doesn't have to show your face just so you know, to verify


How about waiting for them to arrive only for them not to bother turning up. Costing not only time but expenses as well. I know eight or so such people who did exactly that to me.

One even claims to be close to me, has two profile stating he lives in Amsterdam, ( he is know to the moderaters as a fake and had another profile removed because of it I think) and his other, stating he lives in germany. Include his fake pictures and you get an idea of what lengths some of these little people go to to hide and decieve those of us who are genuinly trying to match up with the good guys on here.

In the verified section of this site.'This is still a good site by the way'. There are a lot of guys who waste time. Weeding out takes time, and its a lot slower to get to the good guys because of the fakes and wannabe's who plague this site.