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Fake or real

We talk about people being fake or real. Maybe we can settle this. Please name who you have been with on this site. If your not telling the truth, I'm sure that the person that you mentioned will call you out on this. I'm very real but have not had the pleasure of meeting with anyone from this site. I hope that someday soon that will change.
We met up with someone from this site twice a lil bit back. I believe name was xxx437t. Went well =]. I dont think their still a member still though :(


Gold Member
I'm currently single, but one of my ex girlfriends and I are still very good friends and she has never been with a Black man. Her and I talked about it and we ended up meeting Coolbreeze83 for drinks at a local bar and then back at my place. Great guy and very polite. My friend was still 50/50 on it and nothing sexual happened, but from her talking with him, she is now ready to try it. This was a week ago.

In the past I have gotten all my girlfriends to try it. I am not a cuckold or into that. I just like to watch my girl with Black men and so far they have all enjoyed it as well.


Real Person
Don't give up so quickly. Some of us who are real aren't on all the time. My wife and I met dcrgrbat a couple of times. In fact, my avatar is my wife with his cum dripping off her tongue.