Eye Contact with Her Husband

Do you find eye contact during cuckolding to be sexy and exciting?

  • Yes, I love it

    Votes: 200 94.3%
  • Doesn't matter

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • Hubbys - I don't like it; it makes me jealous

    Votes: 7 3.3%
  • Hot Wives - I don't like it; it makes me feel self-conscious

    Votes: 2 0.9%

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Hell Yes!!


When Pam's got Edwin's big black cock in her, balls deep, and looks at me straight in the eye, it leaves me with incredible feelings! Her eyes betray any thoughts I may have had that she isn't enjoying being fucked by Edwin! Her eyes betray any concerns I might have had that she was enjoying big black cock just to satisfy my fantasy of wanting to see her get fucked by a big black cock! Her eyes betrayed any concern that I may have had that she couldn't be bought to multiple orgasms by someone other than myself, especially by a big black cock! I should point out, after all it took almost eight (8) years of married life before Edwin would have the incredible pleasure of giving Pam her first ever strange cock, other than mine that is as she was a virgin when we married, albeit a huge big black cock!