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Express your love for sexy white cougars, milfs and older women

I always had a thing for milfs, mature women , cougars and what ever name there is out there to describe a sexy older women. Some of my reasons why are...

Th 819_1000.jpeg e skin”
( An older white womens skin feels great against my black skin…)

3. “Treat them right”
( We respect them for they are built for BBC, and any other pleasure my body can provide )

4. “Confidence”
( Older women are confident which adds to desire , knowing what they need deep inside )
I am also into older Females. I think I have a mum fetish. The fantasies of an older woman who is breaking me in for BBC is thrilling. Must admit I am bi and I like women that could be my mum.


Gold Member
I have always enjoyed older women. But since I am now in my 60's most of the women I share my bed with are younger than me. I am past the point in my life where I wish to be a teacher. A mature woman of at least 35 or 40 years of age understands her needs and desires and knows how to give as well as receive in bed. Plus with a mature woman there is some commonality, I can have a conversation with her between bouts between the sheets.