Everyone at least one time gotta try to share the wife with a black man!!!

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    I'm the husband and I gotta find a black man to make her happy.she don't speak English ....why black???i don't know!!!we tried only one time with black man and we love it!!!i was so jealous and I said one day....we gotta try to do new thing and we try it....was a great experience!!!!i was so respectful that we had a good time....I meet him on site for single...I was search a girl (black!)and a change my mind and I start to search a black man!!!the only problem was that he has I big dick but not hard enough for my wife!!when I have sex with my wife I feel that is not enough big my dick so I want share my wife with other because I love her and she gotta have everything that a woman want!!!

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    go for it she will love you for getting her a bull
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    That's right!!
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    Thanks katiana4black for your like!!i see from yourpic that you love blacks.....