Emails About Beth

My wife Beth is 33 years old. 5'7" and about 135 pounds, blond hair and a pretty nice body with a c-cup.

I've noticed lately when she goes to the mall, she's been dressing a little differently. Kind of slutty. But I haven't said anything to her about it.

Below is an email I received recently. I'm not sure if I should ask her about it. Or just hope I keep getting more emails. I really really want Beth to be happy. I also really want to find out the rest of what happened here.

Email I received on 03-16-2011...

Hey Dude,

My name is Darrell. I wanted to get in touch with you and fill you in on some things. You don't know me, but I know you. Actually, I know your wife Beth a little better. In fact, I know her a lot better, if you catch my drift.

At first, I didn't take her for a wrestling fan. She doesn't seem the type. But she's a big fan of wrestling. Didn't know if you knew that. And what I mean by "wrestling fan" is that... well, me and my home boy tag teamed her in a hotel last week.

One hot fucking time, I wish you could'a been there to watch, but I'm sure we'll get another chance. She pretty much admitted she's now addicted to sucking black cocks.

Let me tell you what happened... I think you you'll like it... In fact, she told me you'd like it a lot, and wanted me to give you all the details.

Me and my bro, Duan, like to cruise the mall looking for white girls that might like to take a trip to the dark side. If you can believe it, we get lucky a lot. Last week we were doing our usual thing and came across 'ol Beth shopping for skirts. And Duan, who's pretty forward and can really talk a good game, got her smiling.

I suspected we might be in for some fun when I saw her first look at Duan. He's a pretty good looking guy, and he has a good rap with the ladies. That's why I hang with him. He can talk almost any girl into bed. You might wanna watch out, there's more slick talking brothers like him out there, and if Beth runs across any of them, they'd be balls deep in her in no time flat! Horny little slut that she is, can't keep her hands off black dick.

Anyway, about 10 minutes into Duan's game, Beth was still trying to get rid of us. Wondering what we were doing hangin round the women's clothes section of a department store. But Duan's a funny guy, and she started to break her down, she started to laugh at some of his jokes. It kind of seemed like she started to flirt as they were talking. Then there was this awkward silence, and I saw something click with her . She got real flush in the face. Red. That's when Duan made his move, and got more personal with the conversation.

He started asking about if she had a boyfriend, husband blah blah blah. Then he asked if she liked black guys, and if she'd ever been with one. She shot him a kind of stern, naughty look, then kind of smiled and looked at the floor. Now she was real embarrassed, but looked like she wanted to admit something. I hung back while Duan moved in and whispered something in her ear. Her mouth went wide and she backed off from him. She was still kind of smiling though (I asked Duan what he said later, and he told me he asked her if she wanted to find out first hand which one of us had a bigger cock).

But the look on her face... Man.. I knew then we were gonna get bang her. I could tell right then. It's so exciting when I see that the girl has finally decided she's gonna go for it, cause she just knows she's in for one of the hottest fucks of her life.

So we head out of the mall, Beth leaves her car and rides with us. My hotel was pretty close to the mall so it doesn't take long. I don't think she could have waited much longer. I could tell she was nervous, but very very excited. She admits in the car that she's always thought about it, but can't believe she's actually going to do it. Fuck a black guy. Duan and I laughed.. "you're gonna fuck two black guys baby-doll!" Then she laughed too, and corrected herself.

When we got to the room she looked more nervous. Looking over her shoulder and stuff. But Duan eased her a bit with his smooth talk, and sat her down on the couch. He was telling
her how much fun she was gonna have and we were harmless guys and so on..

And that's when she just kind of mumbled "fuck it".

I thought she changed her mind. And she was going to split. But she stood up, kicked her shoes off and got down on her knees in front of us.

"Give me those fucking cocks before I back out". She said, and brushed her hair back with her hand, inched forward on her knees and raised her head up with her mouth open and eyes closed.

JACK-fucking-POT!! Duan said. We unzipped, stripped from the waist down and approached this gorgeous blond in front of us, ready to show her what getting it from two black guys was all about.

Beth had her eyes closed, she had a nervous smile. Duan said "open wide baby doll". She obliged, and he gently inserted is 9 inches into her mouth - about half way.

(don't know if you know this, but she can take about six inches before she starts gagging).

There's more to the story (a lot more! lol) but I gotta run. I'll send you the rest of the details later, maybe some pics too (did I mention we took pics? he he).

She sure does love that black snake though. Damn, she's one hot fucking piece of ass. Me and Duan can't wait to get down with her again.

-- Darrell
I would love to recieve an email like this from my wifes boss/lover. I have seen the correspondence i have her email and she knows I have access we have also touched on this fantasy for a long time. I am kind of in the same position I want to let it play out tho the pictures I found were pretty hot. My wife takes on her boss in most of them solo but theres some of her with another cook who works there. They have a couch in her boss the head chefs office. It seems my wife likes his secret sauce allot

Therees lots of pictures of my wife sucking her boss off and he is very well hung. I looked and fond he had been sending my wife pictures of his cock shortly after hiring her she saved most and even replied to some. It was very horny to find this out and see my wife eventually crack because he was sending about one a day at some points some with other girls and always a nasty comment including what he planned on doing to my wife.

This might sound strange to some but I am glad he has done this. I dont plan on saying a word and hope my wife takes more of his thick black cock they email allot now when she isnt at work. I am also glad my wife obviously wanted me to find evidence of just how submissive she is to this man. I hope it continues. It sounds awful saying it but it does pay the bills too and he still sends plenty of pics hes very dominant of her. I thinnk he wants me to find out :p