Economics of Interracial Cuckolding

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    In my experience on here and other places, there seem to be more genuine black guys who want to meet white wives than there are genuine white wives to meet black guys. I think some black guys must get very frustrated at the lack of 'supply' of genuine white girls. Or at couples who change their mind at last minute.
    So I have a greater choice of who I can go with and, indeed, get many more offers than I can accept! X
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    It may depend on location too. Of course there are more BBCs down to fuck white wives than there are white wives to fuck BBC
    But it's probably harder for White wives to get BBC than it is for BBC to get pussy (of any kind).
    I've known black guys that were damn near ugly...but because of a nice package, banged some gorgeous white women. :)
    I've also known some BBCs that would cancel a meeting with a couple because some young, hot Latina, or white college chick called them. The only white couple that trumps that (to them) are ones that allow one on ones, and/or allow them to spend the night.
    Being that I'm a mature BBC with obligations of my own, and a career that I don't fuck around with...I prefer mature, classy cuckold couples.