1. ModernMarriage

    Cuckolding Ideas

    ♠ Place hubby in permanent chastity (uncaged every now and then to be teased briefly). ♠ Kneel in front of your Bull and have a girlfriend kneeling behind you, holding your head and hair from behind while your Bull fucks your mouth until he cums. Hubs doesn't get to participate--it's not...
  2. If you ever asked yourself...

    If you ever asked yourself...

    How would your encounter be with a BBC bull? Unfuckingbelieveable!
  3. Intimidated by a BBC

    Intimidated by a BBC

    First timer is shy and intimidated by the size of a BBC.
  4. Another satisfied wife!

    Another satisfied wife!

    A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do!
  5. Hersub

    My wife for BBC

    We are fairly new to the lifestyle. My wife has just had one black man, but wants more. We both like to be dominated and I want to the full experience. We have been looking around and not getting the amount of responses we had hoped. Just too many flakes. We are in the (west) Atlanta area...
  6. Get closer cuckie

    Get closer cuckie

    Are you man enough to watch your wife get fucked in the ass while you lick her pussy? Try it!
  7. I put out

    I put out

    Why cougars? Because we put out!
  8. Take notes cuckie

    Take notes cuckie

    Watch and learn hubby!
  9. Gone jogging

    Gone jogging

    This is what happens when your young and cock starved wife tells you she’s going for a morning run.
  10. Cumdump by the pound

    Cumdump by the pound

    That’s enough to feed a cuckie for a whole month. Mmmm...
  11. Trifecta


    And the question is “Who let the dawgs out”
  12. Dicked by a BBC

    Dicked by a BBC

    Well dicked while her hubby records. Pretty trashy though. It sure doesn’t get any better, does it?! Maybe a gangbang!
  13. Watch me hubby

    Watch me hubby

    The best view any husband can have! Along with the best seat in the house - next to his wife!
  14. It could be you

    It could be you

    Ladies, if your husband begs you to do it, go for it. No regrets whatsoever, just great sex! Try it today!!!
  15. We both love cock

    We both love cock

    I get mine at home, he gets his on the road in truck stops. Always had a feeling about hubby but him having that tough-guy image I thought he’ll be top not bottom. LOL
  16. Are you ready to be a cuck?

    Are you ready to be a cuck?

    Forget about your fantasies. If faced with reality will you be able to be a cuckold?
  17. My pussy belongs to Daddy

    My pussy belongs to Daddy

    Ain’t that the truth?!
  18. I love BBC

    I love BBC

    How great is this?! I can act like a slut 24/7/365 and my husband not only approves it but encourages it too!
  19. Cuckold’s Delight

    Cuckold’s Delight

    Jen aka The Yoga Hotwife serving her cuck husband a delicious creampie. One of her first videos. Too bad they separated. Enjoy!
  20. Never again

    Never again

    I was so fucking wasted on Bacardi that I couldn’t even enjoy that beautiful cock. I passed out. Never again.