1. Hubbies Valentines day gift for the wife (2/2)

    Hubbies Valentines day gift for the wife (2/2)

    Showing off her sticky gift. A true sign of love & marriage.
  2. Hubbies Valentines day gift for the wife (1/2)

    Hubbies Valentines day gift for the wife (1/2)

    He sent her over to mine wearing only an overcoat and lingerie, stripped, served my bbc and begged for a sticky valentines gift to take back to hubby.
  3. Bigbamboo

    BBC in Jamaica

    Any couples coming to Jamaica for January or February inbox me and let's set up a safe to have some exciting playtime/fun
  4. 003


  5. 002


  6. having fun with black bull

    having fun with black bull

    Black bull
  7. cucked in bedroom.avi

    cucked in bedroom.avi

    Hotwife with her boyfreind as hubbie comes in to kiss feet.
  8. Blindfolded n gagged on BBC

    Blindfolded n gagged on BBC

    The hotel door opened and her husband greeted me. He left the room with her on her knees blindfolded and mouth open....
  9. 500214D2-49F7-4CE7-B87D-8EE804B2C327.jpeg


    Just have had the pleasure of watching my wife been fucked bareback by a black bull
  10. Siii02

    My relationship to cuckolding as a single cuckold

    This was a topic in another thread, but I decided to make a post of my own out of my response. Alright, well I have been in more of a 'supporting role' with the women in this lifestyle rather than in any cuckold (or otherwise) relationship of my own for quite some time, and I love it. It's how...
  11. IMG_20190618_100940.jpg


    Recent pics
  12. J

    Came out to my wife this weekend about my cuckold desires

    I essentially "came out" to my wife this weekend about my desires. To be honest I have skirted around the subject many many times. We have done some IR roleplay over the years with limited but somewhat increasing interest. We had a sex session this Saturday night that escalated to admissions...
  13. A


  14. DBS-MrsS in lust.mp4

    DBS-MrsS in lust.mp4

    Mrs. S and Darkbullseed fucking hard and mixing juices to a huge creampie finish.
  15. DBSkissingMrsS.jpeg


    Deep kissing with Mrs. S while we mix juices in missionary style.
  16. MrsL_DBS.jpg


    Creampie session with Mrs. L. About to enter her hot, wet and tight married pussy. All in front of her husband.
  17. Darkbullseed_MrsA_kissing.png


    The start of Mrs. A's breeding session with yours truly.
  18. MrsJ_loves_dbs.jpg


    Mrs. J enjoying my cock balls deep, Her expression says it all.
  19. kissingMrsS.jpg


    Unleashing our pent up lust at the beginning of our creampie weekend.
  20. A

    Interracial Aesthetics

    Interracial, especially Big Black Cock deflowering a sweet, innocent Aryan girl, is by far the most aesthetic category of porn for biological, cultural and historical reasons. White women represent light, soft, petite, uncorrupted femininity, while Black men represent dark, hard, primordial...