Dream of being a cuck to BBC

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    Hello sirs,
    I am a 32 yo white male who has been with my gf for 5 1/2 years. Over the last several months I have really been pushing her to hook up with a black guy because her and I have been talking for over a year about being with another man. We had never talked about black men. We live in NH so there are not as many black men here as other parts of the country.

    A few months ago while watching black bull cuck porn I realized that this was more than just something that was hot too me... this was the only way. I have been interested and have been researching becoming a sissy for a bbc and making my gf a white slave for a bbc as well.

    We already are a super kinky couple into MANY taboo things. Like... pretty much no limits.

    Now BBC is all I can think about and so much want to be owned. She is not into black men very much (yet) but constantly talk about BBC and am sending her pics, videos and links.

    She doesn't know I am on here doing this, but would LOVE to talk to someone and see what we can do w/o getting her pissed off at me for doing this and leaving me.

    Message me and let's go from there.

    Thank you for your consideration sirs.


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    nice body
    happy to help