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Don’t Cha Wish Your Wife Was Hot Like Me?

Would you divorce your wife to be with the new girl?

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This is a question for hubbys who desire to be cuckolds but can’t get their wife to agree with it. This is directed more so at middle aged ones that have been married to the same woman for 10 years or more. Furthermore, this applies to cucks in a healthy marriage although ones in a loveless marriage may also answer.

Imagine if a girl younger than your wife came along and took an interest in you. Knowing some men prefer women closer to their age, switch out the younger girl for an older one. Regardless of age, one important factor is that you find this new girl more attractive than your wife. Also very important, the new girl has already expressed her interest in cuckolding you. If not, at the least she’s more of an open minded person and care free person.

The question: Would you divorce your wife to be with the new girl?