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A lot of people around the world talk about big size penis from black men. Some of them have good opinions about this topic, others only think this is just a myth.
I have not doubts about almost all black people have big cocks, but there is anything else that people usually didn't talk about some years ago: The black men potential.
I didn't know about it. I thought either white or black men could be virile for equal.
When my wife told me about her second ex black boyfriend and how he fucked her again, after his first orgasm, I stayed admired!
She turned him on giving him a good blow job after he cummed. His penis turned as hard as steel in only seconds despite his refractary period...! He fucked her again and both of them cummed together!
I know I couldn't have done that better than him and I admire him for that. But he ins't only a supermale...I'm sure a lot of black men get as good virility as him and maybe even better.
it is definitely NOT a myth

in my experience, the best white guys might measure up to the average black guy, but the majority of black men are far superior to white boys in any physical aspect.

my current boyfriend is about 2-3 inches shorter than the father of my son. but i like his credit cards!
White males used to 'cut the penises off' of Black males for A REASON -- they envied and feared Black male penis size (and perceived sexual prowess).

White males have been obsessed with Black male penises ever since White males encountered Black males.
I don't think there's any doubt at all. Pretty much all girls pick black men over white guys when having to pick in a relationship. And whenever they fantasize about a man it's going to be a black man.
Internet is free so use it. You can see men of every race with big and small cocks. And no, there are no rules or exceptions unless you have measured the billion of men they are on earth right now. Maybe, genetically a race on average has a inch (or half an inch) more (or less) from another but that doesn't mean every man of this race is bigger from the men of other races. Most men are of average size, the ones with more are blessed. The ones with less are unlucky...

The same applies to sexual orientation. You can find men of every race who are bi and gay. Nothing wrong with that of course but it messes up the picture some people have that all black men are straight hung black men.


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My first wife screwed around on me with most the guys at her job and when she finally left me for another guy the stories from her started coming out. She had screwed a black guy who had a long thick cock but the longest cock was a tall slender white guy it was very skinny but 8" long and that was the guy she wanted.


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well as a white man I'm lucky I have an 8.5" cock and decent girth. But most of the black guys my wife has been with are larger than me there have been a couple about the same size. As far as being able to recover my wife is usually she is done after the first fuck. but we are working on that