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DJ Mando

Armando Neto keshongo is a young upcoming Namibia DJ from Onamutai in the Oshana region, North of Namibia, Africa .He aspires to become a philanthropist, businessman and leader in the entertainment industry.
I want to be a insipration other youth out there that everything we need is right in front of our eyes. We should use our brain .Nor do we need our lives to be lived by others for us but just us ourselves. We should create a better life for ourselves. Respect others. And think good about other than the good will come back to you.

God can only show us the way. We should know how to drive on this journey.

To the African youth no matter what color Black/White all I can say. We should read more. Not just at school.

I also do charity work this is the message for all

I came to realise we should give our time to help charity. Anything we can do will not only help the world, it will also help us. After doing this we feel good about ourselves and gain a sense of purpose. We feel appreciated and less likely to be bored with our lives. Voluntary experience rewards us in a way that cannot be attained in any other way. Even if we don’t have a lot of time or skill (which we have) find an hour a month and give yourself to a good cause.