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Diferent reactions


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I would share with all of you some points from my first experience introducing a bbc to know what's your opinion about this, based in your own experience.
The bbc in this case, had been her boyfriend before me, and I ever wished him to have sex with my wife along our marriage, because my wife ever said he had been a good lover and he had a great virility and potential.
When finally we could do it, we were so hot. My wife and me had diferent reactions during our meeting with our black lover. For example:
-I sucked his cock (assisting my wife and by oneself too). Before our meeting, my wife and me had been talking about the possibility that I would suck his cock depending on my excitation. My wife asked me what was I going to do if her ex cummed inside my mouth during the blow-job, and I answered her "Nothing. Better for him. It would indicate that he enjoyed being sucked by me".

-When my wife fucked with him in missionary, she wrapped her legs around his waist with all her strength and cummed twice!
When we fuck in this position, she rarely wraps her legs around me, and she never cum twice.

-Two days ago our bbc fucked her again, thir first time over the bed. The second time they were standing and my wife asked him to be fucked standing by behind. When he pleased her, my wife begged him to fuck her as hard as he could and they fucked as wild as animals. My wife had an orgasm quickly.
-All the times they fucked they cummed shouting of pleasure like if they wouldn't have had sex in years.
-I licked the black sperm from her pussy twice. (I had never sucked a cock before him nor licked sperm from another man from my wife's pussy. And I'm not going to do this with another guy. Only with him).
-Finally I told my wife's bbc he was a real first class male, and only a black guy so potent as him could make my wife enjoy in that way.
Moreover he is an excellent lover, he is a good guy too and he said me that he was as good lover with my wife, because he knew I enjoyed watching them fuck, so he felt relaxed and comfortable to respond at sex with all his potential.

The question is: Is anything common that a couple react in this way introducing a black guy for first time?