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Dating with a black girl


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I have a date with a black girl. I had dated with her before. We haven't had sex but we made love. She is from Nigeria and she is a natural african sex goddess. She has everything. Her body is like a garden with the most juicy, sweet and meaty fruits. Plus, her libido is crazy. When I touch her, stroke her, caress her, I am afraid she cums already. I am just wondering if black girls need black man tools? I am an average white man though.
It doesn't matter what color you are or she is, as long as the two of you enjoy each other's company, and if you're having sex, that the two of you satisy each other's sexual needs. Don't spend any time worrying about what other men have in terms of male genitalia: you can't fuck a woman with somebody else's dick, only your own.

And, there are black women who are attracted to and married to white men, and have sexually satisfying relationships, and if you're attracted to black women and this is what you ultimately want, there is no reason why you can't as well.

Good Luck!!


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I am an average white man though.
Keep in mind that the largest sex organ is located between the ears, not between the legs. Barring some unusually small appendage, which you don't have, you're more than adequate to keep this lovely lady happy. I'm not sure of this, but maybe some of the black guys here can attest, black women are very loyal women to their men who deserve their loyalty. They're starving for men that will see them as special and treat them as such. If you make love to her in the same manner that you talk about her, here, you'll probably have no problems at keeping her loyalty and love. Mac ;)