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Cum breath

I don't have to actually make up any stories in this area, I have literally a ton of stories related to my many failed relationships. One of my buddies said I should write a memoir. He said it would sell millions. All my relationships have ended after my girflriend of the time had cheated on me. I'm known for having a small penis in my condo complex, so guys, particularly black guys, are in competition to get with the woman I happen to be dating. I remember one woman I dated a couple of years ago. From the very first week we started dating, she always had strange breath and a different sort of taste in my her mouth when I kissed her. Literally it was there all the time. It wasn't until she dumped me after going after a black friend of mine, that I realized what it was. After jerking off one evening, I decided to taste my own cum, basically for something to do, lol. I had read about guys doing this and thought I'd give it a shot, no pun intended. It was then that I realized that she had cum pretty much on her breath all the time. She must have been blowing a guy or guys and then meeting up with me. I was pissed but I couldn't really prove anything at that point. She was a passionate kisser. I thought it was because she was into me. As it turns out, I guess it turned her on to kiss a guy after she had swallowed a cum load from another guy. She used to really get off kissing. Now when I think back, I know why certain black guys in my complex would smile when they passed us kissing in the hall.