Cuckold tendencies

Hey there Ma'ams and Sirs. I'm extremely turned on by the idea of cuckolding, and a superior man fucking my beautiful wife in front of me. I have kind of a different spin on the cuckold thing...I like the idea of light humiliation but not chastity, total degradation. I like the idea of a woman teasing me about my cock while fucking a larger, better built guy. Especially if they admit and rub it in how much different and better it feels. And the bull messing with me the way guys do in the locker room, bragging about how he fucks my wife, teasing me about my cock and that kind of stuff.

So have at it! I'd love to hear from you bulls or hotwives. Pic is in my avatar...
Not a very different spin at all. It sounds like a fairly normal middle of the road spin for guys who admit to this type of fantasies. Good luck.