Cucked last nite

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    part 1
    Hello my bulls and cucks

    cucky here in california and last nite the wife cucked me
    and it was great and it was hot
    I the cuck had been talking to guy I met and chit chatted for about a week about
    some wife sharing and how i am a cuck and the wife is the queen he had never did
    it but was very curious.
    now i will give u all a visual here. my wife is 37 a sexy thick brunette 5ft10
    40dd thick in all the right spots curvy big tits and a smooth shaved pussy very
    nice queen i will say.
    the bull was 38 nice guy real nice guy about 5ft8 150 salt and pepper short hair
    tanned and built a little bit he does he does outside work so he was very
    well here is how it went i had text the bull and told him we were in a hotel in
    our town and that he could come over at 1030pm
    the queen was very happy and very excited she had never see a pic of him but i
    told her his stats and she was curious so she got in the tub and took a nice
    bath got out and put on some short shorts and t shirt and these green irish
    stripped knee highs and she looked hot.
    well we waited and waited and waited and than around 1025 i got a text that said
    i will be there in a minute boy was i excited becuase i had just spoke to him on
    the phone and saw a face pic and he told me he was well hung.....
    little was i about to know and see ;)
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    he came in met the wife and we all talked on the bed for about 20 minutes as i
    was laying behind her i started rubbing her back and than i cupped her brests
    under her shirt and the bull say boy your wife sure has some big tits there was
    the door it was open and i said we would u like to see them. and eager he said
    yes and than my wife took off her top he came over and started sucking her right
    brest and i came to the front and started sucking her left 1 here were are both
    of us sucking each 1 and she is moaning and likes it. i slid back a little and
    he started playing with her pussy through her shorts and he says to her boy that
    pussy is hott!!!!! and she smiles and says yah how hot do u think it is and he
    says i dont know why dont u show me
    well it was fun time on its way as i was sitting in the chair she scooted to the
    edge of the bed and took off her pants and sat down and i saw him just cup her
    pussy real good and stick his finger in her and she just moaned well a little
    bit of chit chat between him and her. him saying boy that pussy is so wet and
    she laffed and she said yes he decided to take his clothes off
    so here i am in the chair and he walks to the end of the bed takes his shirt off
    and than takes his jeans off no underware at all and what a hammer her had a
    good 10+ inches of cock and it wasnt even hard
    i mean a huge cut cock thick and big for a little guy u should of seen my wife
    and the look on her face it was the biggest cock she has ever had. he came to
    the bed and sat down and she was on her back and she grabbed it and started
    stroking it. that turned me on just watching it from a distance
    he than tells me to come here and points his finger down to the bed and says sit
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    so i did
    my wife lays right on her back and her scoots right up there opens up her pussy
    and slides in his cock and i mean slide it in half way and the moans and gasps
    she made was unreal. and to work he went he mounted her and fuckd her for a good
    10 minutes. i mean good
    he was talking to me telling my how good her pussy was and how tight it was.
    than he stopped and she rolled over on her back ( now me i am a small cock 5)
    and we dont do doggy style.
    and here he was he grabbing her ass opened up her pussy from behind and just
    slide that cock in her i mean her pussy was so wet his whole cock was in and he
    was fucking her doggy was the 1st time she has had doggy in like 9
    months. his hands on her hips just pounding away she moaned and moaned and
    moaned and moaned and he fucked her that way another 10 to 15 and still didnt
    cum. he had told me he has stamina but damm
    thats stamina. just smacking her ass and smacking it well he was getting tired
    lol,lol and sweting so he stopped and both of them stoof by the ac unit in the
    hotel for like 5 minutes.
    than he went to the chair by me and said your wifes pussy feels good on my big
    cock now it is time for me to claim it.
  4. fevan

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    he laid down on the bed and started to stroke his cock and it got hard and was
    standing straight up well she came over stood on the bed over top of him and
    opened up her pussy and lowered right down on it and that pussy swallowed that
    cock like it was made to swallow it. he had his hands cupping her tits and she
    was riding him i mean riding him up and down up and down fast real fast than she
    would stop and he would hold her legs and fuck her back
    they did this like 10 minutes and than he says to her are u ready
    which i thought it ment he was gonna cum and i was right
    she started to pick up speed faster and faster and faster
    and he came right in her pussy and i mean this guy came thick thick thick load
    after load
    when he was done cumming she rolled over on her back for like 2 minutes and they
    both didnt say anything all i saw was her pussy full of thick nutt
    she snapped her fingers which mean for me to come and clean up
    and i did. well he turned her around on the bed with her head off the edge and i
    ate her pussy and she sucked his cock while she stood up
    this whole process was about 20 minutes of me eating her pussy
    she than sucked his cock for a good 30 minutes 10 minutes more than i ate her
    pussy she was just sucking up and down on the head licking the shaft it was hot
    she sucked it on her back pretty much the whole time
    when it was all done he had been there about 2 hours
    and he got dressed which took about 10 minutes we had to find his shoes lol,lol
    but he got dressed told us he had a great time and i walked him to the door he
    shook my hand and told me i had a good wife
    and a wife i should be proud of and told me anytime i need her taken care of to
    text him and let him know.
    i did get some pics off my camera phone that i have been looking at all day :)
    jerking off too..
    i hope everybody loves my cuckolding experience this is now the 4th time she has
    cucked me and i am learning to love it more and more each time. if i had it my
    way she could cuck me every weekend
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    hot has she seen him or any other guys since?
  6. pluck

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    post pics
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    Reading that makes me hard also. It would be a let down for your wife to go back to your little weenie after having that bbc. If her pussy cobbled that bbc what will it do to your lwc? Buy her some newspapers to read while you do it with your wife.