Creativity Pt 3. The home stretch

She laid there confined to the bed, limbs spread apart, her chest heaving while her head turned slowly from left to right. Beads of sweat camped all over her body, slowly taking their leave as the cool air pressured them to evaporate. Her vagina was red and the moisture down there had no intention of evaporating. It made sure that everything from her vagina to her ass hole moved effortlessly with great lubrication. I knew He was surgically safe but I wasn't so a condom was a no brainer. I'd gladly sacrifice the sensation for the stamina. Not to mention the enjoyment I'd get from seeing her orgasm over and over. At this point she was about to burst and since she'd been a good girl, her juices would be overflowing in mere moments.

He walked over to her and gently removed the ball gag from her mouth. Her first motion was to lick her lips. Her tongue rushed to it's task of generously sending moisture to her beautifully plump lips. He leaned over and kissed her deeply while undoing the restraint on her left hand. Upon it's freedom, her hand immediately found the back of his head and it's fingers made a quick assessment of his hair. As His tongue reunited with Hers, I removed the restraints from her ankles and moved my way to her opposite side and untied her right hand. The beads of sweat that had settled a small colony on her right breast were due for a quick eviction, and my tongue provided gentle enforcement. She exhaled deeply as Her tongue continued it's complex search of His mouth. Mine had other plans. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, taking all of the settlers off the premises, and used my tongue to keep her nipple folded against her areola. With gentle suction I let the nipple slide against the tip of my tongue and pop up. She loved it.

Her right hand, now free from bondage, slowly glided it's way up my outer thigh. I made sure to tighten the muscle so that her fingers could take the scenic route and feel the contours of every muscle they passed over. She felt her way up over my ass, giving it a gentle squeeze, and up my back lightly pressing me down onto her breast. The salt from her breast only made me thirst for more. Thankfully there were more reluctant salty little settlers encamped on her stomach and thighs. After lifting her breast to stimulate that much neglected under area I made my way to her stomach clearing the land with my tongue as I moved down to her thigh.

Meanwhile her blindfold had been removed and she was taking Him deep into her mouth. Her tongue stuck out to lick his balls while he's completely disappeared into her mouth. Her left hand had made it's way up his leg and was massaging his taint. Knowing her, I knew he was a gonner. Just as I thought, his body tensed as she inserted her middle finger into his ass and began to massage his prostate.

I worked my way kissing and licking over her thigh and was making my way up to her pussy. She knew that the moment I was positioned, she'd be in for a serious ride. I could taste the change from sweat to her more lubricating juices. Her face tensed as my tongue fount the bottom of her vagina and slowly felt up the insides of her lips. At the same time, He let out a long moan as he erupted into her mouth. Every drop slid to the back of her throat and high five'd her tonsils as they slipped down her throat. A quick reward for a job well done.

My arms had slid under her thighs so that I could grip her hips and gently drag my nails down her sides. I searched her pussy with my tongue slowly from the bottom to the top flicking her clit side to side, then up and down. I opened my mouth wide so I could suck in her pussy lips. The sucking drew more blood to her pussy and made her arch her back as I sucked in gently and inscribed the alphabet on her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her hips began to buck coming up off the bed and driving my face into her pussy even harder. I could taste her orgasm as her cum washed my tongue. I brought my hands up to her hips and pulled her back to the bed. I could feel her body jerk and spasm. It felt wonderful. The one orgasm by itself wasn't nearly enough to quench my thirst. She flailed her legs around, grabbed the sheets and balled them up in her fists. She reached for pillows to muffle her screams as I sucked, licked, blew, and nibbled on her pussy pushing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Kissing her deeply allowed her to taste everything I had just enjoyed. She clawed my chest and abs. She could feel my rock hard erection laying against her wet gaping pussy. I slid my body up her stomach, then down to position my cock upward and slowly pushed it in once it was level with her pussy. She gasped and I knew she couldn't take it all at first. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. The warmth was a welcomed sensation and as our lips met I began to slowly pump in and out giving her a little more slowly until she could take it all. I knew she was very tactile and loved to use that to my advantage. I dragged my nails over her ass and up her leg. While pumping long strokes I kissed the back of her knees and it drove her wild. As she began to climax again, I chose that moment to speed up the pace and the pressure.

The pounding grew intense as she tried to recover from her last orgasm. I decided that the current position had done it's job. I wanted to set off a series of orgasms that left her legs useless when we were done. I turned her onto her right side and straddled her right leg, placing the other in my right arm. This position lined up perfectly and due to my curvature, hit her g-spot with every stroke. The response was immediate. The deep strokes stretched her pussy as I began to drive my cock deep into her. She let out a loud, "Fuck me, oh shit" as I sped up. In what seemed like moments I was thrusting hard and deep. She reached out across the bed for anything she could grab a hold of. Damn sheets, they'd been kicked to the far corners of the bed and from the looks of it were just out of reach. One orgasm turned into 3. She wasn't the kind to hold back knowing that I'd just keep going so she let the climaxes wash over her without resistance.

I loved the wet feeling of sliding in and out. There was practically no friction from all of her cum. Finally I told her to lay on her stomach. I asked her if she could get on all fours and the answer was a quiet whisper, "no". Lazy dog it is then. On her stomach she laid face down, her beautiful ass sweaty and perfect. Her legs were together but that didn't pose a problem. My cock slid into her pussy as easily as a hand into a warm satin glove.

It was incredible to feel her ass against my hips as I made long strides in and out of her. My pace quickened and from this position I could feel everything. She used the last of her energy to squeeze my cock and I could feel it welling up inside. Her body came back to life as I sped up. Her feet reached to the sides and wrapped themselves around my calves. She began to push back against me and as I felt her begin to cum again, I too began to cum. Hard, sharp, and deep thrusts made her reach out and grab my hand as we came together. My good latex friend Durex gladly caught every fast ball I threw across the plate.

I slowly pulled out of her and collapsed beside her. Out of breath we both laid across the bed. He stood to the side smiling with a grin from ear to ear.

"Anyone hungry?" He said as he sat on the bed and kissed Her.

"Sure. I think we've worked up an appetite." I let our between breaths.

"Yeah. But one of you may have to carry me. My legs aren't working." She said tired and exhausted.


We chose sushi. The three of us sat at the restaurant laughing about the day and making clever innuendo's so no one passing was the wiser. She looks at Him, then back at me and said, "Damn... I'm one lucky girl."

The End

BTW this is a true story. Last weekend was great.