Couples, yes ... But where's thw Wife?!?


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Some persons might take this thread the wrong way, and though I wish they won't, I can't help not posting it.

I'm sick & tired of some hubby meeting me in here (or elsewhere on Yahoo Messenger), wanting me to cum on their wife's/GF's picture and then email it back to them. No disrespect, but that's a fetish I don't roll with. It sounds dirty and gay. For such couples who're in here parading that their wives are into the lifestyle as them, wouldn't it be nice if you brought your wives in here as well, thus we know you're for real... Instead of asking me what my cock size is, as if I'm in some job interview.

How would we know that there's real couples in here and not some lone guy(s) masquerading as such?
i would agree with ALL of the above.
oh let me add ..even new members that is their first post on their NEW profiles...jerk off to my wife's pictures and send me the photos........???? why would you introduce yourself like that in the first place..instead of saying HI welcome......etc etc?? seems kind of rude like that BULL is just there to get his rocks off and not a real person!
With time, you sould be able to weed them out, although some can become pertulant and resort to naming calling even using very colourful language at that...