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Comic Con Cuckold


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Comic Con Cuckold

Benjamin and Jenny Blethyn, both in their mid-thirties, have been married for three years and are attending their second annual Comic Con. They are checked into a nearby hotel, walking distance from the convention hall. Jenny is into what is known as cosplay, which is dressing as a popular character from comic books / video games / animation. Benjamin is more reserved and not keen on dressing up in elaborate costumes.

Due to airport delays, Benjamin and Jenny arrived late on Thursday, around 10PM, and were not able to attend any of the day's screenings or panels. Jenny was most upset about this. She wanted to make up for the lost day by getting to bed quickly, so she could be up early on Friday and have time to put on her outfit before the doors open at the convention hall.

However, neither Jenny nor Benjamin could fall asleep because the television was blasting in the next room and it was obvious that it was an adult film which was playing. They laid in the dark, wide awake, listening to the reverb of moaning and raunchy dialogue. Finally, Benjamin sat up and switched on the bedside lamp.

"This is ridiculous," Benjamin griped. "What else could go wrong today?"

Jenny shrugged. "Well, it's all part of the experience. The adventure that is Comic Con."

"We have to be up early tomorrow. You said you don't wanna have to rush getting ready."

Real life groans and a creaking bed joined the TV. The sound of their neighbor masturbating.

"I don't, but you have to admit that this is kinda funny." Jenny bit her bottom lip.

Benjamin banged on the wall. His way of telling whoever was on the other side to keep it down.

"Honey, hush, don't interrupt someone bopping their bologna," Jenny jested.

Benjamin was not amused. "I don't want this deviant keeping you up. I'm going over there."

"No, you're in a bad mood. You might get into a rumble with this guy."

"He could be defiling himself all night. We'll never get any sleep."

"Okay, then I'll go over and politely ask him to be more discreet."

"I can't let you do that," Benjamin shuddered. "The freak might be naked or something."

Jenny burst into laughter. "I'm sure he'll cover up to answer the door."

Benjamin shook his head. "I don't know about this."

"Honey, I appreciate your concern, but there's less chance of an incident if I go."

"Okay, but please cover yourself, dear," Benjamin pleaded.

Jenny winked at her husband before getting out of bed. She was wearing a silk nightgown, but did as Benjamin asked and wrapped herself in a complimentary cotton robe. Jenny exited their room and Benjamin listened through the wall as the adult film's volume was lowered. Their neighbor must have heard Jenny knocking.

All Benjamin could hear for the next few minutes was the faint murmur of Jenny conversing with this porno enthusiast. What was taking so long? Benjamin wanted to check on her, but didn't want to seem like a chauvinist. Jenny hated that. He actually heard Jenny giggling before she finally returned.

"Well?" Benjamin asked.

"He apologized." Jenny removed her robe and got back into bed. "He didn't realize the walls were so thin."

Benjamin was taken aback by how calm his wife was. "What did he look like?"

"What does that matter?"

Benjamin shrugged. "Just curious."

"Kinda gangly looking. A foreign accent I could quite place."

"Was he at least decent?"

"He had boxer shorts on, but..." Jenny trailed off.


"Nothing." Jenny couldn't conceal her smile.

"Tell me."

"He still had a woody." Jenny blushed somewhat. "He was pitching a tent."

"Oh?" Benjamin was confused as to why Jenny was so tickled.

"Yeah, it was hard not to look at it."

Benjamin raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"It would be like you not noticing a woman with big cans."

"So, he had a large...you know...erection."

Jenny rolled her eyes. "Let's get to sleep. He promised to keep it down."

Benjamin switched the lamp off and they got snug under the covers. A few minutes later, a shower was heard running. This gangly foreign guy must have been washing up after gratifying himself. For reasons unknown to him, Benjamin was a little excited, aware that his wife had ogled another man's erection.


Benjamin and Jenny were on the go by 8AM. Jenny was cosplaying as "Black Cat," a comic book antihero. Her ensemble consisted of a skintight black leather bodysuit, a Lone Ranger like mask, and a white wig. Benjamin was second out of their hotel room. Jenny was bent over, rummaging through a gift bag. Benjamin took notice of a gangly fellow with bleach blonde hair exiting the room next door. The loud masturbator was leering at Jenny's ample backside while wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt. He also had an expensive looking camera in his possession. This man averted his eyes when he realized Benjamin was scowling at him.

"Hello, and how are you on this fine morning?" he asked in his peculiar accent.

Jenny turned around and greeting this man as if he was a close friend.

"Good morning, Alexander," she said. "Exciting for Comic Con?"

"Yes, I surely am." Alexander trained his camera on her. "You look super cool, Jenny."

"Call me... Black Cat." She posed and Alexander snapped a photo of her while Benjamin stood there like an idiot. Jenny had failed to mention that she learned this guy's name when they spoke last night. After a few minutes of banter, Jenny made the proper introductions. This man was Alexander Edgerton. He hailed from Holland, but moved around quite a bit because his father was a diplomat, which accounted for his muddled accent. This was his first Comic Con and he decided to glom onto Benjamin and Jenny, especially Jenny. Alexander and Jenny chatted in the elevator and on the short walk to the convention hall. Benjamin felt like a third wheel.

"Is this your first time cosplaying?" Alexander asked Jenny.

"No, last year I was Batman villainesses. Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy."

"Wow, that's sounds like an awesome way to spend the weekend."

"Yeah, I refuse to be goodie-two-shoes like Wonder Woman."

Alexander shook his head. "I find Wonder Woman cosplayers so uninspiring."

"Yeah, me too." Jenny beamed, having found a like-minded individual.

"Email me pics of you from last year. I'd love to see you as Poison Ivy. She's my favorite."

"Absolutely, I'd appreciate some feedback from a genuine cosplay enthusiast."

Alexander passed along his business card to Jenny. Benjamin wasn't fond of this creep having provocative photographs of his wife. If last night was any indication, Alexander only wanted some images to whack off to. As soon as Benjamin could get Jenny alone, he would advice her not to send those pics, despite being turned on when Jenny spoke of admiring Alexander's hard-on. Benjamin never got that opportunity though, as Alexander continued to hover around Jenny.

Alexander even lined up for the same "Being Human" panel as Benjamin and Jenny, which was plausible since he and Jenny seemed to be fans of a lot of the same geek stuff. Benjamin was just a casual fan of the show. He only watched for Jenny's sake. Alexander also sat with them during the panel. Benjamin reasoned that this was all part of the Comic Con experience, befriending people from around the world. Jenny sat between her husband and their brand new friend. She and Alexander whispered to each other throughout the panel. Benjamin couldn't discern what they were saying.

When the panel was over, Benjamin left to go line up for autograph and photo-op sessions with some of his favorite retired professional wrestlers. Jenny always thought wrestling was juvenile, so she remained to watch the next panel, which was "Ghost Whisperer," a show that Benjamin refuses to watch even if Jenny was entertained by it. Alexander also stuck around for Ghost Whisperer. Benjamin had mixed emotions about leaving them together. He lapsed for a moment last night and was briefly enthralled by the notion of his wife being attracted to another man. In the light of day, he was uncomfortable with this foreign pervert sniffing around Jenny.

"Okay, well, I'll see you later, dear," Benjamin said.

"Have fun with your broken down old wrestlers," she teased.

"I will." He was use to her sense of humor. "Thank you."

"Text me later when you want to meet up."

"Sure." Bemjamin, bordering on rude, snubbed Alexander as he departed.

Benjamin didn't see Jenny again for several hours. His text messages went unanswered. Finally, he spotted her across the food court. She was having lunch with Alexander. Benjamin couldn't believe that she was still hanging out with this guy after how they were introduced to him the night before. Watching porn and masturbating loud enough for the entire hotel to hear. Jenny reached across the table and took Alexander by the hand. She traced her finger around his palm. She's always believed that she could tell people's future with palm readings. Benjamin always dismissed the hokey practice, but it was obvious that Alexander was humoring her.

Once again, Benjamin's repressed desires betrayed him. He didn't make his presence known because he wanted to watch his wife caress this stranger, whose eyes were buried in her tits. The fortune telling lasted another fifteen minutes before they got up and continued enjoying Comic Con. Benjamin returned to the hotel around 9PM. Jenny wasn't there and still wasn't responding to text messages. He had butterflies in his stomach. He even knocked on Alexander's door, but no one seemed to be inside.

Jenny returned well after midnight, but she was now garbed as "Zatana," a different comic book heroine. This ensemble was provocative fishnet stockings, formfitting black booty shorts, a magician's coat, and a top hat. No wig was necessary as Zatana sports long dark just like Jenny.

"Where have you been?" her perplexed husband asked.

"Sorry, Alexander held my bag for me and he didn't hear my phone ring."

"So, when did you get my messages?"

"Like five minutes ago. I'm really sorry."

"What's with the new outfit?"

"I'm Zatana," she explained.

"I know, but..." Benjamin was struggling to grasp the situation.

"I told Alexander that I didn't get to cosplay yesterday, so he suggested I pull double duty today. We came back here around six thirty and I jumped ship from Marvel to DC." Jenny admired her reflection in the mirror while Benjamin stayed sitting on the bed. "Alexander is going to cosplay tomorrow as Archangel."

"Where did he wait while you changed?"

"In his room... Why? Where do you think he was?"

"I don't know..." he stammered. "I just thought..."

"That he watched me change? Do you find that sorta thing sexy?"

"No." Benjamin was emphatic.

Jenny came and sat on his lap. "I never realized my husband was so kinky."

"I'm not kinky. You're misreading this whole thing."

"Fine." Jenny sighed and got off of him. She changed into her nightgown and they went to bed.

Benjamin stirred from his slumber around 2AM, woken by soft moans. It took him a few seconds to realize what was occurring right beside him. He peered over his shoulder. Jenny was above the covers and her nightgown was hiked up as she manipulated her sensitive clit with two fingers. It was hard to tell in dark, but Jenny must have had her eyes closed because she was blissfully unaware that Benjamin was awake.

With her free hand, Jenny pulled her spaghetti straps down and tweaked her hard nipples, breathing heavily. Benjamin immediately put his head back down and pretended to be asleep. He didn't want her to stop. It was so erotic.

Jenny let out a contented sigh several minutes later, having reached orgasm. What had gotten her so fired up? Who had gotten her so fired up? All these questions Benjamin asked himself while trying to ignore his hard-on. They only way he could jerk off was if he hurried to the bathroom, but even that might alert Jenny. After nightfall is the time when Benjamin thought it was hot to fantasize about his wife and another man. His daytime inhibitions were nowhere to be found.


Alexander accompanied Benjamin and Jenny to the convention hall once again on Saturday. As promised, Alexander was decked out in "Archangel" gear while Jenny was "Psylocke," a comic book character who leaves little to the imagination. Thigh high purple boots, a one piece purple bathing suit, a red sash around her waist, and a purple wig. Alexander wore a skintight blue bodysuit with white trim, which accentuated his bulge, and fabricated angel wings.

They walked through the main show floor together. Many attendees asked for Alexander and Jenny to pose for pictures. Benjamin was forced to carry their bags. At first, they would pose with Alexander's hand on Jenny's hip and her hand up on his torso. As the hours passed, they got more and more cozy with each other. His hand would subtly brush against her ass while she lowered her hand to his abdomen, getting daringly closer to his crotch, and even started draping her leg around him. He would really have to grip her ass to keep her balanced when she did that.

Alexander would pull Jenny in closer and her thigh would be rubbing against his bulge while they stared deeply into each other's eyes. This was driving Benjamin wild for various reasons. Alexander's bodysuit could barely restrain his stiff, rather sizeable, cock.

When Alexander and Jenny weren't taking pictures, it was a total gabfest. Benjamin was left out of the conversation altogether. Talk about your classic third wheel. Alexander and Jenny began holding hands, which she justified as an attempt to attract more shutterbugs. Some people asked them to simulate a kiss, which they did gleefully. Then, they mocked kissed in every photo whether asked to or not. They were the absolute stars of all the cosplayers. A dream come true for Jenny.

"I'm so glad I met you," she said. "Always wanted to experience Comic Con like this."

Alexander whispered in her ear. "Destiny?"

Jenny had stars in her eyes. "Maybe."

The kissing became more realistic and more passionate. By the evening, they were virtually making out with each other, much to the delight of strangers with cameras. Alexander and Jenny drew such crowds as their tongues wrestled in each other's mouths that Benjamin became separated from them. He knew it would be a waste of time to call his wife because her cell phone was in the bag he was holding for her.

He looked for them until 8PM, then relented and returned to the hotel. He listened at the door to Alexander's room, but there was only silence. Benjamin so badly wanted to know what was happening with his wife, jealous and horny all at the same time.

He laid in bed and watched TV, disregarding his erection, which was no easy task. Then, around 1AM, he heard activity inside of Alexander's room. Benjamin turned the TV off and pressed his ear against the shared wall. He heard what sounded like a woman moaning. It had to be Jenny. Benjamin needed to act fast. He dragged a chair over to the wall and stood on it so he could hear better through the air vent.

"Mmm...Alexander...you're such a good kisser..." Jenny sighed.

"You know nothing of pleasure... Wait till my mighty cock is inside you..."

"Ohh...God...Yes... I need this big thick cock inside me so bad...." she begged.

"I'm gonna make you forget all about your marriage vows..." Alexander boasted.

"My vows didn't say anything about a big beautiful cock like yours..."

It was almost as if Jenny knew that Benjamin was listening and she was taunting him. This was hot, but not good enough. Benjamin went out onto the balcony, praying for an unobstructed view. His prayers were answered. The drapes were drawn wide open and he saw Jenny bent over the mattress with her top pulled down. Her tits were hanging out, her nipples were nice and hard.

Alexander was behind her, wearing only his angel wings, lining up his eleven inch euro-trash cock with her wet pussy. Since the bottom half of the Psylocke costume was basically a spandex thong, it was with ease that he pulled it aside and penetrated her. He began to fuck her slowly, but it wasn't long before he was pounding his cock deep into her pussy as her unrestricted tits bounced. Benjamin's erection was throbbing.

"Ohh... Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big thick cock!"

"Are you my little slut!?" He yanked her purple wig off and pulled her real hair.

She loved being dominated by him. "Yes! I'm your slut!" "Your dirty little slut!"

The feathers were flying as his angel wings flapped. "Whose pussy is this?"

Jenny grabbed the bed sheets. "Yours! My pussy belongs to you!"

"What about your husband!?" He spanked her ass until she answered.

"He's never fucked me this good!" she cried in ecstasy.

He reached around and twisted her nipples. "Is my cock bigger than his!?"

"Mmm...so much bigger! My husband is nothing compared to you!"

That sent Benjamin over the edge. He couldn't stroke his shaft out on the balcony. He'd be arrested if caught, so he ran back inside, climbed back onto the chair, and jerked off while listening through the vent, trying his best to not topple over. "Holy shit...I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum...I'm cumming...I'm fucking cumming!!!" Jenny screamed as she climaxed while Benjamin beat his meat. Soon, his cock erupted, spraying cum all over the wall.

Benjamin tidied up in a hurry, so he could feign ignorance when Jenny returned, but he need not have rushed since Jenny stayed with Alexander for hours. Benjamin listened to this son of a diplomat, garbed in angel wings, fucking his wife's brains out. Jenny had multiple orgasms from the sound of it. He got curious again after 2AM and went back onto the balcony. He saw Jenny riding Alexander, bucking her hips, then he sat up to motorboat her tits. She was the one wearing the angel wings now.

Jenny whipped her hair back. "Mmm...yeah...suck on my big titties!!!"

The room phone kept ringing. Other guests must have complained about the noise.

"Ohh...fuck...I'm about to cum!!!" Alexander bellowed. "Get ready for it, slut!!!"

They ignored the phone. In fact, they didn't seem to be aware that it was ringing.

"Yes...baby...please...cum inside me..." she begged.

Alexander now sported a sly grin. "Inside you!?"

"God...yes...I need you to fill me with your hot cum... I don't care if I get pregnant!!!"

Alexander grimaced as he shot his load, but they still weren't finished. He was still hard. Jenny spun around and rode him reverse cowgirl style, arching her back with her long hair daggling in his face. He didn't seem to mind though. She then leaned forward, allowing him to paw at her firm ass cheeks. Benjamin sighed and returned to his room, too drained to whack off again.

Jenny returned at 4AM, wearing Alexander's Green Lantern t-shirt. Benjamin switched on the lamp and watched her climb into bed. She kissed him on the cheek, then got snug under the covers as if nothing out of the ordinary had transpired. As if she hadn't just fucked a stranger within twelve feet of her husband. She clearly wasn't ashamed either. She must have been too satisfied to qualify fucking Alexander as a betrayal. Benjamin switch the light off when it became obvious that Jenny wasn't going to share any juicy details.


Jenny was up and in the shower by 7AM on Sunday. Benjamin hopped in the shower after her, while she prepared to cosplay as "Marvel Girl." Since the sun had risen, his reticence was back. He was mortified that his wife had cheated on him and angry with himself for playing the part of voyeur.

He exited the bathroom in only a towel and discovered Alexander sitting on their bed, his bathrobe open, with Jenny on her knees, administering a blowjob. She was already guised as Marvel Girl, a snug green dress with yellow trim and a red wig. Marvel Girl also wore a yellow mask, but it was hard to tell if she was wearing it from Benjamin's vantage because all he could see was the back of her head bobbing.

"Good morning, my friend," Alexander groaned, palming Jenny's wig.

Benjamin was in a state of shock and unable to give a verbal response.

"I came over for a nice titty fuck, but she already had her marvelous dress on."

Jenny came up for air, but still stroked his shaft, not acknowledging her husband.

"So, I have to settle for her sucking my dick." He signaled for Jenny to get back to work.

Jenny wrapped her soft lips around his hard cock again while massaging his scrotum.

Alexander waved Benjamin off. "We'll meet you at Comic Con in an hour or two."

Benjamin dressed quietly while Jenny continued with her prolonged blowjob.

"Don't be rude, my friend," Alexander snickered. "Give us some privacy."

Benjamin left with his head down, nauseated, not saying a word to either of them. He never saw them at Comic Con. Sunday was a short day, so he was back at the hotel by 5PM. There was a "do not disturb" left on the door. He knew that sign was probably for him and not the maids. Apparently, Jenny and Alexander never even left the room. Benjamin sat in the hallway until 6PM, then Alexander exited in his robe, carrying his camera, and finally went back to his own room, shooting Benjamin a shit-eating grin as he passed by.

Benjamin entered his room. Jenny laid naked on the bed, having a smoke.

"Was it everything you hoped it could be?" she asked.

"What the hell are you talking about? I didn't want this."

"I know you did. You totally though it was hot. We fucked in every position imaginable."

He noticed her Marvel Girl costume crumpled up on the floor. "Anal?"

"Yeah, he had his cock in my ass when we ordered room service."

His head was spinning, so he had to sit. "I'm...not sure what to say... I guess...maybe..."

"Well, either way, it was probably a mistake on your part to let it happen."

Benjamin was afraid to ask. "Why?"

"I don't think I'll ever be satisfied by you again... sexually."

Benjamin fought back tears. "But..."

"There's another, smaller convention in a few months, down south."


"I rather you didn't come. I'll spend the weekend with Alexander."

"Will you be back?"

"Of course, honey, we have a life together. Jobs, friends, family. I'm not gonna to abandon all that we've built together for a big dick." She put out her cigarette and crawled towards him. "I'm just gonna have to meet with Alexander a few times a year at these conventions for a sexual release. I'll always come home to you. You're my husband."

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-flaccid member. "I did get a little carried away. Next time, we'll use protection. I don't really want to have a baby with this guy. His nose is too big and his teeth are crooked. I want our kids to look like you." She started stroking his cock until it became hard. He was average, a shade under six inches. It didn't take long for her to make him cum. His jizz splattered all over her bare tits.


Alexander walked Jenny and Benjamin to their taxi after they checked out of the hotel at 8PM. He kissed Jenny goodbye. It was a long and sensual kiss. His strong hands were all over her ass and her pussy was on fire. Maybe they should've fucked one more time to get it out of their system? Luckily, the driver was getting impatient and honked his horn. They finally pried themselves apart and Jenny and Benjamin were able to depart. The countdown to the next Comic Con had begun.