CLose Call


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As I walked back to our room at the resort I was surprise to see my husband sitting in the hot tub by the pool.

"Hey," he called, "I got tired of waiting for your so I came down here. Jump in and have a drink before dinner."

I had a towel wrapped around my waist.

"Okay, I stammered, "just give me a minute. I have to go back to the room for a sec."

"Nah, come on, just jump in. I'll order you a Margarita," he said.

Think quick!

"I have to pee," I mouthed to him and ran into the hotel and up to our room. I dropped the towel exposing my bare ass and dripping pussy. That black stud was so horny that he tore my bikini briefs in half before he fucked me. Close call or what!