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I turned off the ignition and then slipped my shoes back on my feet. As I got out of the car I stretched and felt vertebrae pop back into place after spending too long in sitting in the driver’s seat. I first saw him watching me as I finished my stretch and reached back into the car for my bag. He was sitting on the sidewalk outside the travel oasis, kicked back, blatantly watching me walk in.

I smiled at him briefly, then looked away as I walked in the door. I also added a little more energy and art to my step than I was really feeling; just a little hip action that made my skirt swing around my knees.

In the restroom I couldn’t help but check my hair and smooth wrinkles out of my clothes. It was silly to think he’d still be out there. Surely he had someone to meet, somewhere to be – this was just a pit stop on peoples’ travels after all, not a destination.

I wandered to the food court to get dinner and sat down with takeout, preparing to pull out my phone and review texts so I looked busy rather than pathetic for sitting around eating alone.

“May I join you?”

The voice was soft but deep, and came from just over my right shoulder. I twisted to look up, and there he was. The first thought to cross my mind was “Yum” quickly followed by “YOUNG”. Could he even be out of his 20s yet? Oh, and did I mention he was black! I hoped my expression didn’t give away my line of thought as I replied.

“Of course, have a seat.”

“I thought you might like some company?” He stressed the word company, and I raised an eyebrow at him. Really? Did he think it was that easy to pick up older, married chicks? But what the heck, it could be fun to see where this was going to go.

“Has that line worked for you before?”

“Um, no.” He blushed just a little, then tried to shrug it off. “It just seemed like something worth a shot. You smiled back outside, so I thought maybe…”


“You know – maybe you were interested?”

“Interested in?” It was mean to make him squirm like this, wasn’t it – even if I was feeling more and more like a cougar with each passing moment. He was cute, and watching him waffle between self-confidence and shyness was endearing.

“Maybe you’d be interested in, you know, getting to know me a little?”

I caved, I couldn’t be mean.

“You’re right, I would like to get to know you. I’m Steph” and I held out my hand to him.

He took my fingers and held them to his lips for a kiss- a budding Romeo. Even as I was thinking it was a little cheesy my heart skipped a beat.

“Hello Steph, I’m Jeremy.” Jeremy focused on my eyes.

“So do you hang out at the travel oasis often?”

“Not often, no. I was on my way to Chicago to meet up with friends this weekend but it was such a nice night I decided to sit outside for a while before I got back on the road. There’s a walking path out back, and fireflies, would you like to see it?” He still held my fingertips in his hand, so he stood and drew me up with him.

So much for the uncomfortable youngling, that was smoothly done. I was charmed by him so followed him outside, the rest of my meal forgotten.

Jeremy twined his fingers with mine as we walked out the front doors of the building and onto the path that led to the picnic area. It backed up to a large meadow area and the promised fireflies were out in abundance.

Jeremy settled on a picnic table and pulled me down beside him.

His smile was sweet, and again he was looking deep into my eyes. When was the last time a man had looked that deeply into my eyes? I was drawn to him.

I set one hand on his upper thigh and leaned in close to touch my lips to his. Jeremy’s hand slipped under my skirt, to mirror my touch, but skin to skin. His hand was warm on my bare thigh and sent a thrill through me.

My next kiss was deeper and I used my other hand to caress his cheek as I pressed my lips into his. He kissed back harder, and his hand spanned my thigh so that his thumb just brushed the edge of my panties. His touch sent sparks through me – my pussy started throbbing and my nipples grew hard and taut against my blouse.

I shifted closer to him and nipped his lip as our kiss grew even deeper and my hand slid down his thigh to caress the bulge there. He moaned into my mouth and I caressed his balls through the heavy fabric of his jeans.

Jeremy’s tongue pressed against my lips and I opened to let him inside, the deep kisses ramping me up more and more. I fumbled with the closure on his jeans, first a stubborn button, and then working the zipper down. His cock was heavy and thick, but not yet at full attention. I stroked him gently through his boxers, feeling him swell under my hand. My fingers alternated between fondling his shaft and his balls, cupping then caressing.

His thumb continued to slide just under the edge of my panties, long soft strokes. Teasing, not quite close enough to where I wanted him to be, but each stroke getting ever so close. I leaned in closer so that my nipples brushed his chest, rubbing against the fabric of my blouse adding to the pleasure each time I shifted position.

It didn’t take long before Jeremy was fully hard and my panties felt as though they were dripping wet. The moment I freed his stiff cock from his boxers Jeremy’s hands were on my waist, pulling me around so I straddled him. He broke off our kissing to look me in the eyes again.

“Am I reading things right?” he asked.

“Yes, you’re definitely reading things right” I replied as I tugged my panties to the side to free my pussy lowered myself just onto the head of his huge black cock.

We both moaned as I took him into my heat, slowly sliding down until he filled me. I swooped in for another rough kiss as my skirt fell over his lap and I used my inner muscles to squeeze him tight. His eyes fluttered at the move, and I smiled a naughty smile.

We started out slow, I lifted myself off his cock and slid back down, punctuating each downward stroke with a kiss and another squeeze of my pelvic muscles. It didn’t take long, though, before the pressure started to build deliciously and I was panting with each stroke, my wetness dripping onto the picnic table, and I felt the heat flush up my belly to my chest and onto my neck.

That’s when he offered his own naughty smile and leaned back to free his hips to move against me. His movements countered mine and soon we were coming together harder and harder with each thrust.

My panting turned to moaning, and his breathing quickened as our bodies continued to slap together.

“Oh god, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I was close to orgasm, and my legs started to shake as my muscles clenched. “I’m close, so close.” My breath was coming in gasps.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot riding my cock. Come for me.”

I felt the orgasm building, the heat, the rush, the moment of unbelievable bliss. My body shuddered, and I managed to remember we were in public and muffled my cry of release by burying my face into his shoulder.

My muscles milked his cock in aftershocks and he continued to thrust, prolonging the intense sensations.

“Fuck, I’m coming, oh god…” he groaned as his thrusting rhythym stuttered and he arched into me. Hot jets of cum filled me as he quivered there. Once more I clenched my inner muscles, milking his cock and trying to prolong his orgasm. He dropped his head back and let out a shuddering breath.

I slowly sat up, and pulled myself off him, shifting to sit beside him on the table. Both of us were still breathing hard, eyes closed.

I smiled and leaned over to kiss him once more, gently this time.

He reached up to caress my shoulder, my arm, as I pulled away. “So this is it then, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

“We won’t ever see each other again – I can’t call you?”

“Maybe if the muse’s luck is with us we’ll run into each other on our travels again some time.” I collected myself and my bag and walked back to the travel oasis entrance. Jeremy stayed at the picnic table, watching the fireflies dance in the meadow.