Catching Angela


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xvideos_9779-1.jpg Id always had a thing for Angela from the very first time i met her , but being my fiances sister meant she was out of bounds. We both flirted and I always knew that id love to fuck her given chance and if circumstances where any different i would have taken her to bed.
Angelas husband Jim wasn't the atentive type and i could see that Angela was less than intersted in her pathetic little excuse for a husband . That must have been what lead to her stray onto another mans cock.
My wife had asked me to go get some things from town and on my way i decided to call in and ask Angela if she needed anything . Any excuse to go and get an eye full of the woman id masturbated over so many times . Even seeing a glimpse of Angeles pantie gusset or thigh as she sat opposite me in her skirt was enough to make me wank oved her.
I walked up to the front door and I could hear her groaning and I immediately knew she was having sex. My cock began to harden at the thought of Angela being fucked when I realised Jim was at work , or was supposed to be.
I crept up to the lounge window unable to resist peeking in and hoping to see my sexy sister inlaw playing with herself , but what i saw was a black man between Angeles open thighs as his black cock slid inside her adulterous white cunt and she told him how much she loved the way he fucked her. xvideos_3479-1.jpg
My cock was so hard with watching Angela getting fucked and hearing her cum on this black mans cock.
I had wanted her for so long but had only been able to use my imagination and wank myself as dreamt I was fucking her .
The black guy was fucking her so hard now and as Angela cried out she was cumming again , her black lovers hips lunged powerfully down between her open legs to bury his huge black cock fully inside her white body .
The black man groaned loudly as he threw his head back and i knew he was cumming inside Angelas creamy cunt.
Angelas body convulsed through cumming on the blacks huge cock so strongly xvideos_9779-1.jpg
I wanted Angela now more than ever .
I waited until Angelas black lover had left and then i marched straight in.
Angela never flinched and instead of trying to cover up just lay smoking a cigarette.
"Did you like what you saw ?" She asked .
I never knew she'd seen me aand as i struggled to reply Angela rose and walked into the bedroom . I followed and listened as she told me how her black lover had made her cum so hard.
Laying on her side legs apart and knowing how turned on i was Angela continued telling me how her black lovers cock felt so good inside her. xvideos_9610-1.jpg xvideos_1979-1.jpg
My cock ached so much with wanting her as she told of her black fuck experience and how good the black nan was. I needed her bad and she knew it.
I walked over to the bed and saw her how wet with excitement her cunt was .
" Did he cum in you ?" I asked . " I made him wear a rubber but I could still feel the power of his big black cock spurting his cum into that rubber me as he fill my black man loving white cunt" Angela purred , knowing exactly what effect her sexy words were having on me and my aching hard cock.
At that I pulled Angelas hot wet cunt to my mouth and ate her black man loving cunt for all I was worth. xvideos_2924-1.jpg


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I'd imagined this moment so many times but never once thought that id get to taste my sister inlaws delicious cunt for real.
Here i was licking my wifes sisters cunt and only a short while ago a black man was fucking her.
My cock throbbed painfully with wanting the woman i'd dreamt of fucking for so long.
Her hubby Jim had always been a drip and i knew there was no way he could possibly be satisfying Angelas sexual needs . Certainly not the way id witnessed her black lover doing earlier.
Her cunt tasted so sweet that it was all i could think about.