Camping Trip


Real Person
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During the whole weekend, I couldnt help but stare at her and her swim in the water in a small black bikini I wasnt the only one watching her, everyone was watching. I was surprise that her skinny white boyfriend hadnt spent all weekend fucking her in the woods.
One night we got really drunk in the woods, her bf got so wasted he passed out after puing on a tree. The fateful girlfriend that she was she was rubbing his back and I couldnt help but watch her ass bent over. When she turned around and caught me looking I walked towards her and offered to carry her bf to their tant. Me being pretty athletic it wasnt a very big effort. We made him lay down inside their tant and I turned to her and to a glance at her big breast and realise that she had some vomit on them and on her t-shirt. When I told her she asked me to bring her to the nearest watering hole so she could clean herself.
I walked with her and brought her far from our camp to an isolated part of the woods with a little river running trew. She was wearing shorts so she had no problem getting on her knees and getting some water on her breast rubbing them to watch the vomit. I could see that the cold water was making her nipple hard and watching her watch making my big black cock semi-hard. I decided to go pee but I was still standing a few feet from her just to not get lost and the woods. I had my back to her when she screamed and I turned around and she had fell in the cold water and now was soking wet.
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