Broken: A work in progress

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    Part 1

    Jen checked her look in the mirror one last time and pulled the long brown ponytail over her shoulder, smiling at how it sat between the gulf her breasts made in the low V-neck t-shirt. As per her husband’s request, she wore the midriff baring white t, her shortest black skirt and thigh high stockings. That’s where her outfit ended. Her panties and bra lay forgotten in her dresser drawer as did most of her modesty. They’d been invited to his directors house for an early summer barbeque and seeing that he was up for the biggest promotion of his career, when his boss asked him to bring his “fine assed wife” along, he figured he’d be a shoe in for the job.

    It wasn’t a big surprise that his boss had insisted that she join them just as it wasn’t a big surprise that he insisted that they dress very, very casual. Tom knew that his boss had designs on his wife and while he didn’t relish the idea of her fucking him, he knew that if she drank, she’d be putty in his hands just as he’d be solid steel in hers. If all went well, he’d have the corner office and a big, fat raise to go with it. Hell, he’d done some surprisingly uncomfortable things to get where he was, if he had to whore his wife out to his boss to finally get the cherry on top of his sundae, it was a small price to pay.

    She walked into the living room and Tom all but leapt to his feet. She was a little goddess at five foot two inches tall, one hundred and ten pounds with a hot little ass and perfect thirty six d breasts. Her nipples which were pushing against the fabric of her shirt begged to be pinched, bitten and sucked as she tugged down on the shirt. “I look ok?” She asked breathlessly.

    “Maybe we should stay home.” Tom muttered sullenly, making her almost believe that he didn’t want to go.

    “And miss out on what could be the biggest night of your life?” Jen laughed. “I think not. I got all dressed up for this and baby,” She said as she pressed up against him, pulling his ear down to her mouth. “If I have to flash a little tit and ass to make it happen, you’re getting that promotion.”

    Yeah, flash a little tit and ass. Tom thought to himself. More like take it in any hole while I watch baby. One night and the world is our oyster.

    Thirty minutes later they were pulling up to what could conceivably be the largest most impressive house Jen had ever seen. Considering what she knew about his boss, she wasn’t really surprised. Robert was an imposing figure, a mountain of a man with rich, chocolate colored skin and deep, penetrating violet colored eyes. When the word ‘penetrating’ skittered across the expanse of her thoughts, she felt her pussy spasm as if in anticipation of drawing his big, black cock deep inside her. Not that that was going to happen. She was attracted to him, hell, most women were, but that’s where it ended. She’d flirt and maybe give him a peek or two of all of her assets but that’s where she would draw the line. There was no way she was going to whore herself out for her husband’s promotion.

    She looked up and saw Robert framed in the doorway and felt her core go wet with molten desire. The man was built for sex. Dirty, angry, rough sex. “No way, not going to happen.” She muttered and turned to catch her husband staring at her.

    “No way?” He asked as he turned off the ignition.

    “Upset stomach.” She lied easily.

    “Think of the big picture baby.” Tom said and squeezed her hand.

    Rather think of something else big baby. She thought and stepped from the car.

    Small talk came easily as the night wore on and the drinks flowed. Robert held court and Jen, with every drink, found herself becoming bolder and bolder. A breast brushed across his forearm when she reached across the table to grab the salt. A glimpse of bare thigh and shaved mound when she pulled her legs up under her. She’d even let him cup her ass when she bent over to retrieve a spoon she’d dropped accidently on purpose and rewarded him by rubbing his long, thick cock through his cargos when Tom went looking for the bathroom.

    “What would your husband think,” He asked as he leaned into her and began tracing one nipple with his thumb, “If he knew how hands on you are this evening? No, don’t answer that, let me tell you.” He added and Jen arched a perfectly tweezed eyebrow. “Your husband has wanted this promotion for months now but everyone on the board agrees, he’s almost qualified enough. My vote will either put him in the position or out onto the street.”

    “And?” Jen said softly as she leaned back in her chair and spread her legs wide enough to show him everything she had to offer and stared off towards the fire pit as she ran her hands across her breasts, cupping them.

    “And,” Robert said as he pinned her to her seat with his gaze. “He’s offered me, you. Mine to use, to fuck for not just tonight but the entire weekend. He’s offered you up as a sacrificial lamb in order to gain the position he wants. He’s determined to play out this little drama to its end. He’ll pretend to be shocked and mortified but will ultimately agree to watch me bed you.”

    “Are you going to let him watch?” She asked with a hint of a smile.

    “Tied to a chair and helpless to do anything but.” He countered as he slid one impossibly large hand along her inner thigh, stopping just shy of her dripping wet core.

    “But I won’t take you unless you are a willing participant. I’m not into rape. So what will it be Jen? Do you want your husband to get the job he covets more than his wife?”

    “No, but I’m drunk, horny and right now I want you and that’s all that matters.” Jen said with complete and utter sincerity.

    “What are you guys doing?” Tom asked as he exited the house.

    Jen rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times before responding, “He challenged me to a staring contest.” She laughed. “Bet me I couldn’t beat him.”

    “You lost huh?” Tom laughed and took a swig of his beer. “What did you bet?”

    “If she lost, you forfeited the promotion.” Robert said smoothly. “But I know a way she can get it back for you.” He finished, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring between her legs.

    Tom laughed and stared at his boss, his wife and back again. Oh he was good!

    Robert leaned back in his chair and slowly worked down his zipper, never taking his eyes off of Jen. “You don’t mind if she has a little taste do you Tom?” Robert asked even as Jen dropped to her knees before the man.

    Tom watched mesmerised as Jen’s tiny hand disappeared into Roberts open fly. The world stilled as Jen purred her approval as she wrapped her fingers around his burgeoning shaft and freed it to the night air.

    Robert undid the button to his shorts and slid them down until they were pooled at his feet and leaning back once again, spread his legs wide.

    Jen cupped the biggest balls she’d ever seen as she stroked his cock from root to tip and back again. She watched as a mouth-watering drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip of his fat plum shaped cock head and dipping her mouth, lapped it up with her tongue, swirling it around him before taking the first of his nine long, thick inches into her mouth.

    Tom was helpless to do anything but watch as Jen’s lips wrapped around Roberts cock, the sight of that massive cock in her hand…her mouth made him painfully hard. Then he noticed it, her wedding ring standing out in sharp contrast against the thick, veiny length of Roberts shaft. Tom then realized that she’d never looked more beautiful. It was as if she became more of a woman, more lush and wanton and Tom thought that this was where she belonged. Best decision I ever made. He thought to himself and adjusted his erection.

    Robert made quick work of her pony tail and fisted his hands in her long auburn hair, hips pumping upwards as she took more and more of him into her sweet mouth. He looked at Tom and forced even more of his cock into her, making her gag, making her eyes water. Finally, he pulled her mouth off of his cock and held her at arm’s length by the hair. “You can have your promotion.” He said flatly. “But your wife stays here with me tonight and tomorrow. Hell, if you’re lucky, you can have her back in time for her to make you breakfast Monday morning. If she wants to go back to you that is.”

    “Jen?” Tom said.

    “I want you to have the promotion.” Jen said flatly.

    “And you want this too, don’t you?” Tom countered.

    “It’s better if she doesn’t.” Robert said coolly, keeping her from having to answer the question. “It’s better if they fight it and trust me, she’ll fight it. You can watch if you like, for the first hour or two, then she’s all mine.” Jen watched as Tom nodded, stood and walked woodenly towards the house.

    “I’ll take that as a yes.” Robert laughed and stepping out of his shorts, tossed Jen over his shoulder, slapped her ass hard and strode towards the house. “Go to the second floor and wait for us in the first bedroom on the right.” He called after Tom. “Make yourself comfortable, we’ll be right up.”

    Once inside, Robert stepped into the garage and grabbed a roll of duct tape, bent her over his jag and finger fucked her to a thigh quivering orgasm. “I am going to break you.” He whispered into her ear as she trembled violently. “I am going to fuck you deep and hard. In your mouth, in your pussy and yes my sweet little Jen, in your ass too. I am going to make you crave my cock like a drowning woman craves air and if you’re lucky; I’ll only have a few friends over to fuck you tomorrow. I can only imagine how perfect you are going to look with a cock in each of your holes. I am going to make you make sounds only dogs can hear and before I’m done, you will stop, drop and fuck any black man who gives you the time of day. You will be my whore. Do we understand each other?” He asked finally as he let her up and turned her to face him.

    She looked up at the god of a man before her and taking his hands, placed them on her breasts. Robert squeezed them, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger until she whimpered at the exquisite pain that sent shockwaves of pleasure straight to her core.

    “Yes.” She whispered softly. “For you, anything. Anything at all.”

    Robert stripped down and ordered me to do the same. Once naked, he instructed me to walk before him, his cock in my hand and to lead him to his master bedroom where he knew, my husband waited. With every step I felt his cock grow longer, thicker, harder in my hand until pre cum dripped from its tip and onto my wrist. We turned left and I was halfway up the staircase when he stopped me, bent me over at the waist and began to rub his cock along my slit.

    I clutched the stair before me and whimpered when he pushed his fat cock head into me. It was just the tip but I was spread so wide, I felt violated. I felt so completely filled. I felt fear like never before. If the tip of his enormous cock stretched me painfully, then what would the other eight inches do to me? Then it struck me, he’d said he was going to break me, take my mouth, pussy and ass and I knew then that he was right, I wasn’t going down without a fight. Sex, after all, is better when it’s rough and dangerous.

    I tried to pull away from him, to dislodge the cock invading me but he held me down with the flat of his hand and began to shove every last inch inside me. I bit back a scream as I was spread wider, wider than I thought was possible and when he was buried inside me to the root, I felt my treacherous pussy clutch at him, drawing him deeper still.

    He chuckled as he drew me up and back against his broad chest. His arm snaking around my waist, his hand finding my clit, his fingers playing it like a maestro. My arms rose of their own volition, wrapping around his thick neck and a guttural cry tore from my chest as he buried his teeth into the soft flesh between my neck and shoulder at the same time his cock pumped upwards once and his fingers strummed the one chord that triggered my orgasm.

    “When a black man touches your neck,” He murmured against my cheek as I panted through my orgasm, “You will remember this moment. The moment my cock first penetrated you and you will lose all your inhibitions. You will submit to his every desire.” He finished and tapped my arm once.

    He released me then and the moment his cock slipped free from my clutching depths, I knew true loss.

    Part 2

    Tom was pacing back and forth across the twenty foot space between the ensuite and the massive dresser, wearing a rut in the finely woven Persian carpet. Robert cleared his throat as we approached the master bedroom and Tom stopped mid-stride and watched as I led Robert in by his cock. “Sit.” Robert said, pointing at the ornate Queen Anne chair facing the bed and wordlessly, Tom complied.

    Robert stopped me at the foot of the bed and turned me to face my husband. “Don’t move.” He instructed me and turned to Tom. He twirled the roll of duct tape around his finger and smiled. “Arms on the arm rests.” He ordered and when Tom rested them on the plush, white fabric, Robert bound first one wrist then the other and repeated the process at the crook of his elbow.

    “Legs.” He said simply and Tom positioned his legs to rest against the legs of the chair. Once again, tape about the ankles and again about his knees. Robert stood and reached across Tom to take a chilled bottle of water from the table on his left. I watched as Roberts cock dangled inches from Tom’s face and held my breath as it slapped against Toms cheek. Tom closed his eyes and his mouth flattened into a thin line.

    “Open.” Robert said and without risking a glance, Tom opened his mouth. Robert turned to look at me, his cock in hand and smiled. Instead of what either of us was expecting, Robert tipped the bottle and poured the chilled water into Toms mouth. Toms eyes shot open and he swallowed greedily for a few brief seconds before Robert pulled the bottle away and tore a piece of tape from the roll. “Mouth.” He said curtly and with a helpless glance in my direction, my husband complied and allowed himself to be gagged as well.

    “Now!” Robert barked, clapping his hands together. “The beginning of something truly special. Today,” He said turning back to face my husband. “Today is a day neither of you will ever forget.” He moved quickly, like a panther and caught my wrist and drawing it above my head, fashioned it into a handcuff suspended from the frame of the four poster California king sized bed frame. He slid to my right and attached my other wrist to yet another pair of cuffs and pulling on the chain between them, forced me onto my toes.

    My breasts drawn high, he ran his hands across them, down the flat of my stomach and kneeling before me, kissed me right above my throbbing clit. He fastened my ankles each to their own shackle, forcing my legs to spread wider, forcing me up on my toes further. I was as exposed as anyone could be. Exposed and dangerously vulnerable.

    “As I was saying,” Robert said as he stepped into the gulf that separated me from my husband, “Today is the day your wife learns what it is to submit to a true man. A man capable of things you’ve only ever dreamed of Tom. “After I am done with her, you will be lucky to be allowed to lick a black man’s cum from her gaping holes. After I am done with her, your cock will never satisfy her and her body will no longer belong to you. She will seek out black cock and this I promise you, she will stop, drop and satisfy every black man she encounters without hesitation.”

    Robert turned then and smiled at me. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded. Reaching behind me, he took hold of a flail, a leather wrapped monstrosity with flat, broad leather strips and swinging it in a wide arc, brought it up between my legs with a force that lifted me off of the ground. I grunted at the impact. The leather stinging my tender flesh and I felt myself go wet with desire. With hooded eyes, I watched as the flail came around again, a direct hit and my pussy clenched and my breasts tightened and I knew that a few more hits like that and I was going to cum violently.

    I was going to cum! Again and again the flail slapped against my dripping core and as the pain increased, the pressure between my thighs mounted until with a scream, I felt my legs give out as my thighs quivered violently and an orgasm ripped though me. Tom had remained silent throughout my whipping but the straining erection in his pants told me more than I wanted to know. My husband enjoyed watching me being abused like this. He enjoyed watching this man whip me. He enjoyed my pain. It was then I decided that Robert was right. He would own me, break me and when it was all said and done, I would be everything he said I would be and so much more.

    Part 3

    Robert took the flail and pressed it into Toms face and smiled down at him. “Smell it Tom, smell your wife’s juices on the leather. Smell it and realize that I can make her cum by hurting her. Smell it and know that she enjoyed being hurt so much, she came violently for me.” Tossing the flail across the room, Robert pulled a large, round headed vibrator from the dresser and laid it at my feet. He then pulled wicked looking nipple clamps out and held them up for us to see. The clamps themselves were ridged, attached by a length of silver chain.

    He crossed to me and pinching my nipple, secured the clamp to it gently. The pain it created when he tugged on the chain made me gasp. It also made my pussy clench. He attached the second clamp to my other nipple and jiggled the chain a few times. “Like that don’t you?” He whispered in my ear just loud enough for Tom to hear. “You like the pain as much as the pleasure.”

    I stared my husband straight in the eye and as Robert pushed two fingers into my dripping slit, I gasped a long and trembling, “Yessss.” As my hips bucked against his hand. Robert began to seriously finger fuck my tight, white pussy and as my thighs began to tremble, as my knees began to give out and as an orgasm of epic proportions began to crest, he pulled his fingers out of me so suddenly, so violently that I screamed, “NO!” and began to fight against the restraints.

    Casually, he walked over to Tom and ripped the tape from his mouth and pushed his fingers into Toms mouth. “Suck them clean.” He growled. “Suck them and taste your wife. After this weekend, you’ll only taste her from our fingers or from our cocks. If we are feeling generous, you might be allowed to lick her clean after she and the big, black cock she’s fucking are done.” That being said, he ripped another piece of tape from the roll and re-gagged Tom.

    “Now, for the warm up.” He said as he deftly undid the handcuffs from the rail above me, one after the other. He quickly and quietly undid the shackles from the bed posts and turned me so that my back was to my husband. Seconds later, my legs were shackled again, spread wide and straining as he bent me over and secured my hands to the same bed posts. Restrained like this I was bent at the waist, my breasts swaying freely, the weights pulling on my pearled buds painfully and once again, my treacherous pussy thrummed its approval.

    Arms and legs spread wide I felt like a slab of wanton meat on display and truth be told, the thought was a powerful aphrodisiac. My reverie of being fondled and prodded and sampled was cut short as the flail came down on my ass hard. I screamed and jerked as the heat of the whipping spread across my tender flesh. I don’t think anyone was more surprised than I was when I gasped one word…


    “More indeed.” Robert purred as the flail came down again and again until I was whimpering and quivering as orgasm after orgasm washed over me. Finally the flail dropped from his hand and I felt Roberts massive hands caress my inner thighs. His thumbs spread my tender flesh and I moaned loudly when he pushed his broad tongue straight inside me. “Oh fuck Robert yes!” I cried as he probed me with his tongue. “Yes baby, taste me, lick me. Fuck me with your tongue.” I continued.

    “Do you have something to say to your husband Jen?” Robert asked and I knew where he was going with this. Helpless and in desperate need I nodded. “Then tell him. Tell him and I will make all of your dirty fucking fantasies come true and there won’t be a damned thing he can do to stop us.”

    “I want you to know that I love you Tom.” I started as Robert pushed two fingers inside me and began fucking me with them. “I love you but I need what Robert does to me.” Robert pushed a third finger inside me, stretching me slowly. I grunted against the pressure and for a moment the only sound was the sound of his fingers fucking me into a frothy mess.

    “I need you Tom,” I continued. “I need you but I need to be everything Robert wants me to be.” I stalled out then, my mind going blank as Robert introduced a fourth finger into my clutching pussy and began circling my clit with his thumb. My brain short circuited and I screamed through not one but two dizzying orgasms one on the heels of the other.

    “It’s ok.” Robert said as he slowly pulled his fingers from inside me and began stroking his cock until it grew to its god like proportions, “It’s ok, you don’t have to tell him Jen. Let’s show him what you want, what only I can give. That way, he will see with his own eyes and hear with his own ears that while he is still your husband, your body belongs to me.” And with that Robert pressed the tip of his cock against my tight wet slit and turning to Tom said, “Watch and learn Tom. Watch as I take from you that which you desire most.” And in one powerful thrust, my husband’s boss seated himself so deeply inside of me that I knew, I’d never be satisfied with anything else ever again.

    Part 4

    I screamed, at least I think I screamed. My mind went blank at the invasion. At the feeling of being truly and completely filled. He pulled out slowly and I drew in a ragged breath, unsure as to whether or not he’d pull out completely or if he’d impale me again on his thick beautiful cock. Slowly, painfully slowly, he withdrew until only his fat plum shaped cock head filled my slick pussy and then, equally slowly he pushed it back in. I groaned low in my throat and when he was fully inside me again I growled two words, “Fuck. Yes.”

    I felt his hands grasp my waist in a firm grip and he pulled out and slammed back in harder this time. I cried out again as my breasts slapped against the bedframe, jarring the clamps attached to my nipples and I felt my pussy clench around his shaft. Again and again I moaned, growled, screamed and cursed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me. At one point I came so hard, I pushed him out of me and was rewarded with a sound spanking.

    As his broad flat hand raised yet another welt on the tender flesh of my ass, he turned to my husband and chuckled. “This you have to see my sweet little Jen.” Robert said as he unfastened the cuffs and shackles. Holding me upright he turned me to face my husband who refused to look at me.

    Then I saw it. I saw the source of his embarrassment. “You came?” I choked out, pointing at the wet stain in the front of his chino’s. “When did you cum Tom?” I asked with a note of disgust in my voice. “Was it when he first shoved his cock inside me or when he had me cursing and swearing from the pleasure and the pain?” Tom, my husband Tom looked up at me finally and I saw the shame in his eyes. “That’s not it is it Tom? It’s neither of those is it?” I accused and he simply shook his head. “No, that’s not it at all, you came when he started to beat my ass. You came when you saw the welts he was raising. You came when he was hurting me!” I cried and turned to face Robert.

    He stood there, his proud cock fully erect and glistening with my juices, his arms folded across his massive chest. He cocked an eyebrow as I finally came up with a way to repay my husband. “I’m done with the cuffs and shackles. I’m done with these too.” I said as I pried the clamps from my nipples and cupping each breast, licked first one hard, tight nipple then the other. “You want me, you got me but for now, we’re on an equal playing field and being players in this little game, we need an audience.” I turned then and glanced at my husband, looking him dead in the eye. “Cuff him and shackle him to the bed like you had me earlier Robert. Let’s give him a show he’ll never forget.”

    Robert wasted no time trussing up my husband and to further his embarrassment, he undid his chinos and let them drop to the floor. Robert then came to me and taking my hand, led me to the bed. I climbed up and patted the bed next to me and watched as Robert, like a predator, climbed up and took me in his arms. When his mouth found mine, I opened up and let his tongue dance with mine as his hand sought out my breast and squeezed it gently.

    I moaned into his mouth and grasped his long thick erection, stroking it slowly from root to tip. His mouth worked its way down my neck and over my shoulder. Biting, licking, sucking my skin like it was some decadent dessert. Finally, I looked down to watch as his full lips closed around my nipple, sucking it gently. The rasp of his tongue on my nipple had my pussy clenching hard and I could only imagine what that tongue would feel like circling my clit in lazy circles. His mouth released my breast with a soft pop and with a moan, he latched onto the other. I released his cock and began rolling his fat cum filled balls with my tiny hand and he moaned louder and in a move that was a blur, had me on my back with his cock laying across my cheek and his head buried between my legs.

    He spread my legs wide and licked me from clit to asshole with the flat of his tongue and back again. I stroked his cock and sucked and licked his balls slowly, sensuously and felt him go liquid on top of me. That then was his weakness. My means by which I could control what happened going forward. He got up on his knees and began to work my clit with expert, teasing swipes and as his cock dripped pre-cum on my cheek, I opened my mouth and took him inside me.

    Part 5

    I looked up through heavy lidded eyes to see my husband staring down at me as I took inch after inch of velvet covered steel into my hot, wet mouth. He was breathing hard and had a look on his face that was equal parts lust and hatred and as Robert bit down on my clit, I couldn’t have cared less.

    The pain raced like a lightning bolt through me and made my breasts tighten, my pussy clench and my breathing to become labored. Another minute of this exquisite pleasure / pain and I was going to cum harder than I ever had before and the beauty of it all was, my husband would watch it happen under the ministrations of another man.

    It took Robert less than a minute and I pulled his cock from my mouth and cried out as the first orgasm struck. My hips bucked off of the mattress and my legs shot out and trembled violently as his lips clamped down on my clit and he sucked hard, his tongue flicking over the hyper sensitive nub a mile a minute. “Fuck. Robert. Yessss…” I cried as the second and third orgasm leap frogged over each other.

    He held my legs down and slowly lapped at my slit until my bucking and trembling ceased. “I think you’re ready for me now Jen, really ready for me.” He said as he got off from on top of me and laid down in the center of the bed, feet towards my husband. “Come on baby,” He coaxed gently. “Come on and get on top.” I got on my hands and knees and slowly crawled up his body, making sure to give my husband a good look at the pussy that was going to be impaled on Roberts long, thick cock.

    Robert sighed as my breasts brushed across his well-defined abs and up across his pecs. I straddled him and reaching between us, took his cock and rubbed it against my slit. “So fucking big.” I murmured and Robert pulled me down on top of him. “Once I’m seated deeply inside of you, you will never need another.” He whispered in my ear and tapped my arm once. “You will never need another but you will desire many.” Again a tap. “In fact, you will desire and service any man I choose and any who call you by your special name.” Tap.

    “Special name?” I breathed as I slowly began to lower myself onto his cock. Robert watched me, a slight smile on his face and when I got to within two inches of having him all inside of me, he punched his hips upwards and claimed me for his own. I fell forward as his hands spread my ass cheeks and as his hips kept up a brutal and oh so satisfying rhythm. “Gaia.” He shouted as I screamed out against the earth shattering orgasm his masterful cock had induced.

    Gaia. I thought as my pussy clamped down on his cock.

    Gaia. I thought as the wet sounds of our flesh slapping together filled the room.

    Gaia, as the scent of our lust and sweat became the sweetest fragrance.

    GAIA! As he began to shoot stream after stream of his thick salty cum deep into my womb.

    “Gaia.” I whispered as I collapsed on top of him.

    I vaguely remember Robert slipping out from under me, vaguely remember whispered words then Tom was leaning over me. “I’m going to go home.” He said then added, “I got the promotion.” Before he left he kissed my cheek and whispered, “You’re so beautiful. Thank you for that. It was…remarkable.” Then he was gone and the next thing I remember was a comforter being pulled up over me and the lights going out.

    I woke up alone. As a matter of fact, as I lay there, I was almost certain that the house was deserted. I stretched and wondered where the afterglow had disappeared to. I had fallen asleep with an amazing sense of peace and belonging and (I might add) a massive load of Roberts cum leaking from me. Now that I was awake, all I felt was an emptiness and maybe more than a little sore.

    I slipped from the bed and pulled on the short, white bathrobe he’d draped on the foot of the bed and tying it about my waist, stepped into the ensuite bathroom. Cool marble shocked my bare feet and made my nipples stand out painfully. Stepping in front of the mirror I stared at my reflection and smiled. I’d never seen it before but this morning I saw what Tom always said he saw, a woman with the sleepy, sexy, just been fucked look.

    Fucked. That was the right word for it. Robert and I didn’t make love, we fucked…plain and simple. It was rough, visceral and what with the flogging and nipple clamps and the way my body responded to the deep punishing thrusts of his cock, I wasn’t sure I wanted sex any other way.

    I ran a hand through my tangled hair, decided I liked the ‘just been fucked’ look and went in search of the man who had me not just for the next three days but (I was certain) for as long as he wanted.

    Part 6

    I padded down the stairs and froze when I heard the sounds of someone cooking while singing softly. I smelled coffee and bacon and eggs and my mouth watered. Hurrying down the stairs, I hit the landing and looked to the right and the left, wondering where the kitchen was. Something clattered to the floor and turning left, I purposely slowed my steps, pattered down the hall and entered the kitchen.

    I hesitated a moment when I saw that instead of my tall, dark god standing over the stove, a man equally as tall and built like a linebacker, nimbly flipped pancakes from pan to plate. His shoulder length blonde hair was tied loosely in a ponytail and all he sported was a pair of sweat pants and from my angle, a healthy hard on. “Um, hey.” I started. “Where’s Robert?”

    He turned from the stove and faced me with a grin that (had I been wearing any) would have melted my panties. “Hi, Jen right?” He said as he crossed the kitchen and stuck out his hand. “I’m Devon.” I shook his hand and kept my eyes on his although it would have been so easy to just keep staring at his magnificent form.

    “Yeah…Jen.” I said and he chuckled, the sound turning my insides liquid. “So, umm, where did you say Robert is?”

    “I didn’t.” He laughed. “But nice try. Have a seat, breakfast is almost done.” He turned back to the stove and flipped a pancake in the pan and began loading bacon onto a dish. I sat, at the far end of the table and waited. Now you could say I was determined to keep my distance from this stranger or you could say I did so purposely so that I could keep staring at him. You’d be right on both counts. Whatever Robert did to me last night had awakened a sexual beast. Besides, a woman who’s fucking her husband’s boss is still allowed to look right?

    Devon turned with two plates piled high with food and stopped short. He laughed and shook his head and walked the length of the table. Placing a plate in front of me, he turned his seat, straddled it and sat. “Robert,” He said softly. “Has a rather strenuous day planned for you. He’s asked that you eat and shower and relax. The house is yours to poke around in but the festivities start at seven this evening.”

    “Festivities?” I asked with a hint of uncertainty. “What festivities?”

    “You have an arrangement with him yes? One that stipulates that you are his until Monday? Well, today is Friday and he wants to make sure that when you return to your husband on Monday that you are well and properly trained.”


    “Trained to do whatever he desires you to do…Gaia.”

    The name. That name, slipped from the most kissable lips I’d ever seen on a man and by-passed my ears and went straight to my hot, wet core. I stood and stared down at Devon who looked as if he hadn’t a care in the world. “Not hungry?” He mumbled around a bite of pancake.

    “Not for food.” I replied as I untied the sash around my waist. The house coat fluttered open and I watched as Devon raked me from head to toe with a hot smouldering stare. He threw down his fork and wiped his hands on a napkin before turning in his seat to face me. I looked down at the bulge in his sweat pants and got on my knees. “This is what I want.” I said as I rubbed his cock through his sweats.

    Devon gripped the sides of the chair and raised his hips and waited as I tugged them down. His cock fell free and I had him in my hands before his ass hit the chair. I stroked him slowly, marvelling at the size of him. Maybe an inch shorter than Robert but thicker. Still a far cry from what Tom sported and as my husband’s name skittered across my thoughts, I took Devon into my mouth and began to suck.

    I heard him groan as I tried to take every inch of him inside me and he moaned that strange name as I gagged for my efforts. Saliva spilled from my mouth and down his length and I rubbed it along his shaft and balls, making his cock slick, as slick as my pussy was at the thought of being fucked on the kitchen table. I stood, his cock still in hand and shimmied my ass up on the edge of the table, legs dangling over the edge.

    Standing, Devon rubbed his cock along my slit, teasing me with the promise of an early morning fuck. I leaned back on my elbows and lifted my legs, spreading them wide and almost came when he positioned his cock at my entrance and held me by the ankles. I groaned loudly as he pushed himself inside me and held me in place, his hands on my thighs, my legs now closed and feet draped on one of his broad shoulders. Another inch and then he pulled almost all the way out and thrust in a little deeper, repeating the process over and over until he was driving into me forcefully, his balls slapping against my tight little asshole. I came, then came again as he fucked me deeply and spreading my legs, he leaned into me and whispered into my ear.

    “You like being fucked like this? Being taken by a complete stranger…Jen?”

    At the sound of my name, I tensed and tried to scramble away only to be dragged off the table, turned and bent over it. My hands were pulled behind me and he held me like that with one hand. I felt him fill me again, his cock taking what it wanted, driving into me faster and faster and all I could do was lie there and let this man take me against my will. I screamed and began to cry then cried out as an orgasm hit me like a runaway train. My pussy clamped down on his cock but still he kept up the devastating pace.

    Pulling me up off the table, he held me around the waist and pumped his hips upward, each thrust taking me to the tips of my toes. Each thrust taking me to the precipice of another earth shattering orgasm. I came again and again despite my struggling against him and taking me by the throat, he whispered in my ear.

    “Fuck, I’m going to cum. I want to fuck your mouth and I want you to swallow every drop.”

    “Eat shit and die.” I growled as I began struggling against him anew.

    “Gaia, please? Please swallow my seed?” He begged and as fast as thought, I was on my knees grabbing his taut ass cheeks and forcing as much of his cock into my mouth as I could handle.

    He groaned as I wrapped my tiny hand around his cock and cried out as stream after stream of thick, salty cum splattered against my tongue. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock head, revelling at the feel of his cum coating the inside of my mouth and kept sucking and swallowing until he fell limp from my lips. I licked the cum from his shaft and from my hand and looking up into his piercing blue eyes I said, “Thanks for breakfast. It was delicious.”

    Part 7

    “So you’ve met Devon.” Robert said from behind me and I turned and looked up at him with longing and need. “Devon, you will now call White Chocolate because he is the only white man in my stable. Despite his unnatural endowment for a white man, he’s quite adept at cooking and nursing wounds of all kinds.” He turned to Devon then and smiled. “It took?” He asked simply.

    “It took well. Did you see her reaction when I whispered her real name into her ear? She fought me as if she was being raped and then when I spoke the name you gave her, well, I was putty in her mouth.” Devon laughed.

    “What took?” I asked as I stood naked and looked from one to the other, uncertain as to who I wanted to fuck me more. Still, the cryptic words jogged something in a memory that should have been more recent and less muddled. “What took?” I asked again, ice edging my words.

    “You’re two people now.” Robert explained. “One who is in complete control of her life and another who is completely under my control. Jen has free will and Gaia has none. Jen choses who to fuck and Gaia fucks who I say.”

    Jen, Gaia, Jen, Gaia. The names tumbled from his mouth and like someone flipping a light switch off and on rapidly, I felt myself go from being one woman then the other. One felt revulsion, the other need and longing. Fear and brazenness. Guilt filled condemnation for myself and rapturous, insatiable lust.

    I didn’t know which of me I hated more.

    “Go shower Gaia,” Robert said softly. “Devon will tend to you afterward and ensure you’re ready for tonight’s little get together.”

    “Are we having a party?” I asked as I slipped past him, grabbing the bulge in the front of his pants as I did.

    “I’m having a few friends over and we are having a party. You,” He said as he turned to watch me exit the kitchen. “You are the party favor.”

    Part 8

    I showered and slipped into a short summer dress that left very little to the imagination. I twirled in front of the mirror in Robert’s expansive bathroom and grinned. I looked good, in fact I glowed and whether that was from the forty minute shower or the night of aggressive sex and the morning fuck on the breakfast table I wasn’t sure. All I knew for sure was that my alter ego Gaia and I were beginning to merge and become one. What I also knew was that I was at once mortified, aroused and completely without remorse. Robert had come to watch me shower and after he made me finger myself to orgasm I asked about the party.

    “It’s simple,” He said as he sat there, stroking his cock before me. “I have a few friends coming over tonight and I would like for two things to happen. The first, that their needs are met. Every need, fully met.”

    “And the second?” I asked as I stepped from the still running shower to kneel before him.

    “The second is to ensure that you my sweet Jen and our friend Gaia become so well acquainted that you will become one in purpose. Soon,” He said as I wrapped my hands around his cock and began to stroke him faster and faster. “Soon you will live only to serve me.”

    “And Tom?” I asked as I swirled my tongue around his cock head and slowly began to suck him off.

    “He will learn to accept it. He’s of little consequence anyway. He did after all offer you, his sweet young wife to be used as payment in order to advance himself within the company.” oh fuck, you keep that up and I’m going to cum.” Robert groaned.

    I took his cock from my mouth and licked him from root to tip and began stroking him with firm strokes. “Let’s face facts Robert,” I said and swiped pre-cum from his slit. “It was only a matter of time before you were going to have me. Maybe Tom would have to go to see a client out of town, leaving me, his sweet young wife all alone and defenceless against your insistent advances. Maybe you’d bury him with work and slip away from the office so that you could take me in the bed I share with my husband, forcing me to put on my wedding dress when you took me. Maybe and to be honest, this is my favorite, I’d come to the office to bring Tom his lunch, slip into your office and let you feed all of my hungry holes your magnificent cock knowing that when you made me cum, he’d hear my cries and he’d know that only one man would forever own me, use me, share me and that man would be you.”

    Robert groaned and I took him into my mouth again and swallowed every last drop of his thick hot load and kept sucking until he pushed me away. Smiling up at him I winked and said, “Maybe Tom needs to learn to accept it starting tonight. I want him there to watch me become what I know in my heart is right.

    Robert stood, drawing me to my feet and then did the most unexpected thing, he drew me into his arms and kissed me with more passion than I’d ever felt. His kiss told me he cared, that he wanted me, needed me and that no one would ever take me from him again.

    “I will make you mine.” He whispered against my mouth.

    “I am yours.” I said and I meant it.

    “No Jen, I mean to make you mine. I will do whatever it takes and that includes paying your weak excuse of a husband to leave. That does mean that you’ll still be expected to be available to see to the needs of my friends, business partners and any other man or woman who shows an interest in your tight, white body. Everyone is screened and tested for any illnesses etcetera so you’ll be safe. As a matter of fact you’ll have the best when it comes to everything.” Robert said, his eyes never leaving mine.

    “And the fact that I cannot get pregnant makes me an incredible asset.” I smirked.

    Robert cupped my cheek and kissed me tenderly before saying, “I would give up everything I am, everything I’ve become if I were lucky enough to put a black baby inside of you Jen. To make you the mother of my baby. So, your husband will be here tonight as you requested. May I make him an offer? May I pay him to leave you? Will you be mine?”

    “I am yours Robert, I always have been. Maybe it’s Gaia talking, maybe I’m colder than I believed I was but to thank him for using me to pay his debt to you I want you and every swinging dick you know to use me while he watches. I want to be taken hard and rough and I want my screams of pleasure and pain to ring in his ears for the rest of his life.”

    “Rest then my beautiful Jen. Tonight all of your dreams and quite possibly a number of your nightmares come true.”
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    How long did that take you to write?
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    About two hours. Give or take.
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    You whipped that out in 2 hours?
    Were you speaking from experience or fantasy?
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    Fantasy. I'm a full time writer too.
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    It's pretty hot.
    I would have figured u to be the dom not want to be dominated.

    You just seem like u like to b in charge to me...
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    I do.
    That's why its fantasy
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    I see.

    You sent me that picture, the one that's ur new profile pic.
    Very hot!
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    I'm glad you like it. :)
    Hoping to have it all wrapped up this weekend.
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    Very nicely told! You have a marvelous talent.
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    Thanks hot stuff but Jens tale isn't done yet!
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    Part 9

    I tried to nap, to rest as Robert said before my night of wanton debauchery. That didn’t work. As much as Gaia and I were merging, my old self, the married woman who loved her husband despite his being an asshole was fighting hard against what I was going to do. Then there was the night with Robert, my husband watching. My breakfast fuck that at the drop of a name became more like a breakfast rape then back to a need to suck and swallow every last drop of cum from White Chocolates cock, as if I needed it more than my next breath.

    My conversation with Robert in the steam filled bathroom as I sucked his magnificent cock. Me, not Gaia, wanting him, abandoning myself to the feel and taste of him. My declaration that I was his. Was that me or her? Who was I and what was I becoming? Part of me hated it, wanted to run while another part of me craved it. Again, who wanted to run and who wanted to become a whore for black cock?

    Who the hell knew?

    I glanced at the clock. Three forty five, three hours and fifteen minutes before the festivities. I flung myself back onto the bed and immediately sat up as White Chocolate entered the room.

    “Hey,” He said simply. “This is Jevon.” Jevon, a slim black male with a swimmers body smiled and waved.

    “So what’s up?” I asked as my heart began to race.

    “Special request from Roberts boss.” WC said as he placed a black case on the bed.

    “Special request?” I said when what floored me was that Robert answered to someone.

    “Your night last night, with Robert. The video tape was forwarded to him in advance of tonight’s party. He’s hand picking the invitees.”

    “Oh.” Was all I managed as WC opened the case.

    “He likes his women adorned so he’s asked us to pierce your nipples for him. And to give you a little ink to show you’re property of the brotherhood. Jevon here is going to video tape it and it’s Roberts wish that we send the video to your husband along with his invitation.”

    Jevon moved behind me and pulled the sundress up, stripping me bare in one fluid movement. His hands cupped and squeezed my breasts, kneading them, pulling my nipples and when he pinched them cruelly, I felt myself go wet. “I look forward to our time together tonight.” He whispered in my ear and slipped from the bed to retrieve the video recorder.

    “Ready?” WC said and Jevon nodded.

    “Ready?” He asked again, turning to me with wicked looking tear drop forceps in his hand.

    “What if I don’t want to?” I asked softly.

    “It’s really not an option.” WC said.

    “Didn’t think so.” I muttered and cupped my breasts, offering them to him.

    “Look into the camera Jen,” Jevon said. “Look into the camera and tell your husband why you’re doing this.”

    I stared into the black lens and managed a smile while the forceps pinched my right nipple. “Fuck that is so tight,” I said as I looked down at my flattened nipple. “This is going to hurt Tom baby, getting my perfect nipples pierced. I’m getting studs put in and I hope you like the way the light will reflect off of them when I’m covered in sweat and cum, being fucked over and over by Robert and all of his massively hung friends.” I sucked in a breath when the needle pierced my flesh, followed by the stud. Suddenly the pressure was released and I felt my breast drop. Glancing down I gasped at how good it looked. “Now WC here is going to kiss it all better aren’t you WC?” With a glance back at the camera, WC dipped his head and swirled his tongue around my nipple then sucked it gently into his mouth.

    I felt pleasure, pain and tenderness and a wicked thought crossed my mind. When the other was done, I’d have both of them suck and lick me better. “One down baby, oh and before I forget, WC here made me cum harder this morning on the breakfast table then you ever did. And all he had to do was, well for want of a better word, rape me. He fed me his cock finally and his cum was like ambrosia. I’m sure that it wasn’t the first and last time we’re going to go at each other.” Jevon kept taping until the other breast was done and I told my husband he’d be seeing me later and Jevon signed off.

    “Where do you want your ink?” WC asked as he took out his tattoo gun and plugged in the generator that ran it.

    I thought for a moment and smiled at him. “Are you any good?”

    “Hell yes.” He laughed and nodded. “So, where?”

    “I want an ace of spades, a small one right above my clit. I want BBCB on my ring finger, my wedding ring finger and I want a black heart right here.” I said, tapping just under my left ear. “And a white heart right under it.”

    “Explain.” He said and I realized that the video recorder was still running.

    “The ace of spades to let everyone know that with few exceptions, my pussy belongs to Robert and whomever he wants me to fuck. BBCB or the Big Black Cock Brotherhood on my wedding ring finger in place of the ring my husband gave me because I’m married to the brotherhood now and the black heart to represent Robert, my first bbc and the white heart to represent you, his first choice for someone to fuck me. Then a black heart for every bbc I fuck, trailing down my neck, around my breast and I’ll let you design it so that I have a running record of my new life.” I paused and looked straight into the camera. “A life I love more than anything.”

    The ink too longer than I thought it would but WC and Jevon rewarded me by taking turns licking me until I was screaming my release. Not long after, I dozed off and dreamt of spending my life as a woman whose sole purpose was to be used by men who sought their pleasure in my company. I was a whore and I was damned happy to be one. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting what was going to happen to me in just a few hours but thinking back on it, I wouldn’t have changed a damned thing.

    Part 10

    Robert came to get me promptly at seven and purred his approval at my choice of attire for the evening. It was my wedding dress, a simple affair all in white. Mid-thigh with a slit running up my leg to the hip. My breasts bare beneath it, hugged in the lacy material, my cleavage deep and inviting. I wore no underwear and proudly showed him my new ink, right above my slit. I was barefoot and my hair hung about my shoulders like a shroud. “I gave WC my key to the house and had him get it for me. I hope it’s ok, tonight I marry myself to you and your guests. Tonight I will have a wedding night like no other.”

    “And I will make you mine. Mine to use, to lend out, to become the whore we both know you are, but first you are to see to the needs of my guests no matter how, umm, depraved. Tonight is your first and only test and regardless of the outcome, I will still have you. I will still make you mine.” Robert proclaimed.

    With that I was brought downstairs and walked around the assembled guests, introduced to them and was subjected to their groping and fondling. By the time we’d been around once, I was dripping wet and standing before Roberts boss who simply undid his pants and began stroking his long, thick cock. I knelt silently before him and waited for instructions. His hand fisted in my hair and my mouth opened to take him inside me. I sucked, stroked and licked him until he was fully hard and it was then that he began to pump his hips upwards, punching the back of my throat with his fat cock head. I gagged and saliva spilled from my mouth in streams. He grunted and I felt the first jet of cum shoot down my throat and like the good little cock sucker I was, I swallowed every drop, sucked and licked him clean and placed his cock back into his pants.

    “Magnificent.” He said as he kissed me, squeezing my breast until I whimpered. “Excellent choice Robert. Let your guests enjoy their evening.”

    Robert placed a bowl on the table and everyone reached in and took a slip of paper from it. The pieces of paper were numbered one through nine and with Robert and his nameless boss rounding out the invitees, there were eleven men here. Eleven men whose sole purpose was to use me as they saw fit and when the two who picked numbers one and two nodded at each other, I knew I was about to be fucked by them both, at the same time, right here in front of everyone.

    I was led to the man who drew the honor of using me first and we were joined by number two. “Trey, Royce this is Gai…” Robert began and I cut him off.

    “Jen,” I said with a sly smile. “Tonight I know who and what I am. Tonight I’m Jen and gentlemen, it will be my pleasure to be used and abused by you at your discretion of course.”

    Robert smiled, grabbed a drink from one of the passing servers and pushed me towards the two men. “She’s all yours.” He said. “Take your time with her, this party will go on as long as needed. Everyone will sample her, take and use her and for as long as I say, the word no is not in her vocabulary.”

    Trey and Royce led me to the circular bed in the middle of the party and instructed me to keep my wedding dress on. Royce stripped down and stretched out on the bed and drew me on top of him. Trey stood and slowly stripped as Royce began kissing me, his fingers slipping between my wet folds. My hand worked between us and I took his long, thick length into my small hand, marvelling at how hard he was. Royce’ thumb circled my clit and I moaned against his mouth as I came, hips bucking against his hand.

    Just as my orgasm began to subside I rubbed Royce’ cock against my slit and felt his cock head, my first of the night, spread my tender opening and slip inside me. Trey fisted my hair in his hands and began slapping my face with his cock, pre-cum whetting my cheek and ran down my chin. My mouth opened and he pushed his entire length past my lips and down my throat. I gagged and choked but Trey never let up. With long purposeful strokes that matched Royce’ inch for glorious inch, they spit roasted me mercilessly.

    Trey and Royce kept at me, taking turns with my mouth and pussy over and over until I’d lost count of my orgasms. Finally, Trey pulled out of my gaping slit and kneeling before them, I took first one then the others loads into my willing mouth. I wiped the cum I’d missed off or my face with my fingers and sucked them clean and was about to do the same to the errant stream that splashed across my breasts when a gruff voice stopped me.

    “Don’t.” Number three said. “Rub it into your tits whore. You’ll be covered in it before you know it so get used to it.”

    I did as I was told and watched as he stripped. He was linebacker big with a cock that looked more like a python than anything else. Long, thick and veiny with a fat bulbous head that oozed pre-cum like a faucet that hadn’t been turned all the way off. He grabbed me by the arm and hauled me off the bed like I weighed nothing and slapped my tits over and over with the flat of his palm until I was whimpering.

    “Where is he?” He asked with a menacing tone. “Where is that useless white bitch boy you married?”

    I looked around the room and spotted him, looking miserable sitting there with his back to the wall. I pointed and number three dragged me over to my husband and presented me to him. Taking me, he bent me over the man I’d promised to love, honor and cherish and made me grip the back of the recliner he was sitting on. “I’m going to fuck this whores ass until she screams and begs for mercy.” He said, staring my husband in the eye. “Then, when she’s all cried out, I’m really going to fuck her. I’m going to fuck her until she can’t stand anymore and then I’m going to fill her bitch ass with my cum. You’re going to watch me while I do and so help me god, if you move or touch her or utter a word; I’ll do the same to you.” And with those menacing words, he knelt behind me, spit on my asshole and rubbed his cockhead against it.

    I felt myself go numb as he took me in one swift pump of his hips, bringing me to the tips of my toes, my tits slapping my husband in the face as the brute behind me raped my asshole over and over. I can’t remember when it happened but I came so violently at his invasion, my vision blurred and I screamed as my asshole clamped down on his cock as another, then another orgasm rocked me. My pussy began to spasm and I felt my wetness slick my inner thighs as number three grunted and burying his cock to the hilt inside me, began to fill my ravaged asshole with his thick cum.

    He pulled out of me so quickly my knees buckled and my whole body trembled at the loss I felt. Sweat dripped from my full, pendulous breasts and my breath wheezed out of me.

    “We can stop this.” My husband whispered. “We can stop this and walk out right this very minute.”

    “And disappoint my guests?” I said softly. “I think not. There are plenty more cocks to satisfy. I will not disappoint Robert. He planned this wedding night for me and like a good whore wife I will not disappoint him.”
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    Delightful! Can't wait for the next chapters!!
  16. Isabel

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    Part 11

    I stood then and turned, bending at the waist I gave my husband a good look at number three’s cum leaking out of my asshole. I peeked though my spread legs and noticed that his cock was tenting his pants, that his gaze was glazed over with lust and I knew then that despite his tender words, he liked watching me like this. Liked watching his wife be used and abused over and over.

    Robert approached, a drink in hand and offered it to me. “You are so beautiful.” He whispered in my ear as he cupped my breast and pulled on the ring adorning my fully erect nipple. “Number four is waiting for you.” He said. “I think you’ll appreciate his talents.” He finished and watched as I slipped past him into the waiting arms of my next lover.

    Number four was a consummate lover. Equal parts gentle and in complete control of the act. He brought me to the brink of orgasm over and over, never letting me peak and my body shuddered with the frustration of it all. He took his time and worked me into a frothy, sweaty mess then drew me to my feet.

    He led me to the St. Andrews cross and secured my hands and feet then, moving to the table on the left, chose a flail and began whipping my ass and inner thighs with it. If I thought I was frustrated before, this abuse took my level of frustration to an entirely new high.

    The flail cracked and I felt the sharp sting of the leather between my legs and I came hard, my swollen, tender slit gushed to the roaring approval of the men gathered there. Without missing a beat, he flogged my breasts and I felt them grow painfully tight. My nipples stiffened even more and I felt the metal in them tear at the flesh they pierced. I felt blood trickle down my full breasts as my lust exploded from between my legs again and again.

    Pleasure and pain in equal measure.

    I was in heaven.

    I was in hell.

    I embraced both willingly.

    Finally, number four dropped the flail and releasing my feet from the cuffs that secured them, he hooked his arms behind my knees, lifted me up and sat me down on his blood engorged cock. I felt every last inch sink inside me and just hung there by my wrists as he pumped his cock upwards, filling me.

    He lowered his mouth and wrapped his full lips around first one nipple then the other, licking away the blood, soothing them with his tongue and I came then. My slick, wet slit clutching at his masterful cock. Milking every last drop of his cum from it.

    “I will have you every Wednesday.” He said as he pulled out of me. “Every Wednesday you will come see me and I will introduce you to a world of BDSM that you’ve only dreamed about.”

    I look into his piercing grey eyes and nodded.

    “Yes.” Was all I said.
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    He released my arms and I nearly collapsed when my weight fell full on my sex weary legs. I stood though, cupped my breasts and looked around the room. “Number five?” I called out as I turned and tugged on the rings in my nipples. “Where’s my big, black number five?”

    “Right here,” A dark chocolaty voice said from behind me and his voice sent shivers down my spine. Goose bumps broke out across my flesh as I turned and took in all six foot seven inches of him. He was gloriously naked and his cock was a slab of marble jutting out straight as an arrow and as thick as an English cucumber. “I have a gift for you.” He said and gestured behind me.

    I turned and laughed out loud at the sight of my husband, stripped naked with a collar and a leash about his neck. He had a ball gag in and as he was forced to crawl on all fours towards us, I noticed he had an erection.

    “I forced a Viagra down his worthless throat. Thought it’d be fun for him to continue to watch, incapable of making himself cum. Thought you’d get off on watching a few of my more, interesting friends fuck his ass and mouth. I’d very much like to watch as you finger yourself while they do.”

    “Will you make love to me?” I whispered and he smiled.

    “No, but I will fuck you mercilessly.”

    “Oh good.” I sighed and settled down on the bed in the center of the room and slowly began to rub my clit.

    The man holding the leash led my husband towards me and stopped short of the end of the bed. I wiggled down and stopped just shy of his face and spread my pussy so that he could see how swollen and used it was. I watched as his tongue snaked out but before he could taste me, not that I’d let him, leash man pulled hard on the leash.

    “Hold him down.” Number five said and three men joined leash man and they held my husband down on all fours. He then gestured to the side and a young white man with an impressive cock stepped behind my husband, knelt and drove his cock home violently.

    My husband screamed like a fourteen year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, eyes bulging as the young man holding his hips began to sing. “You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not scream I’m going in dry. This young man is fucking your ass.”

    I laughed. I couldn’t help it. I laughed and laughed until number five put me on my hands and knees facing my husband and rubbing lube all over his cock and my asshole, began to sodomize me too.
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    Very nice and we're only at number five! Can hardly wait for more.
    Actually, that would be waiting hard. Very hard. ;)
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    Thanks! Jen's not done yet tho! She might need a break after the party but I thought she could use a week under the tutelage of her bdsm master.
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