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Breast Opinion Poll

What is your favorite type of breast?

  • Tighter breast (has a tendancy to be on the smaller side)

    Votes: 36 53.7%
  • More of a hanging breast (has a tendancy to be on the larger side)

    Votes: 31 46.3%

  • Total voters
I prefer smaller breasts but I like most sizes & shapes as long as they are real or fool me they are real. Unfortunately, most fake tits can't fool most people, especially when they defy gravity and the rest of a womans body does not... I don't like huge tits, I think after a certain size is just too much and a size reduction would help a woman to live better. Of course huge fake tits are just stupid. Size & shape depends how they match the body of a woman but in general huge tits don't look good (for my taste) on any woman.
I prefer the pussy cause it feels better when your fucking it , tits only come into play by either sucking them or watching them fly all over the place while your putting your work in...