Breaking in a BBC virgin

Anthony Hopson

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I know this group has many fakes/dudes posing as women in it just to get their gay fix in, but for the true BBC and women in this group, here is a recent story, with pics included.

I post craigslist ads every now and then to see what's out there in regards to hotwives/single women looking for BBC, no strings attached. There was this guy near me who was willing to share his girl who he just introduced to swinging. She had never had a blk guy before, and was interested in meeting one.

Long story short, it was the best sex she ever had as I gave her my 9'' for a cpl hours. I came all over her face when I was done and she's talking about taking my creampie as the next step.

Enjoy a few of the pics. Any real women want the same, you know what to do.

Lisa 1st BBC 016.JPG Lisa 1st BBC 008.JPG Lisa 1st BBC 014.JPG