Boston area. Decent guy on street but bull in bedroom needed.

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    First off, this is real. Trying to get something done here. Looking for someone in the Boston area.

    I fucked up a while ago, cheated on my wife and now I'm damaged goods to her. We're separated but still really close because of the kids and all that. We were married for 10 years and we will still always be friends, love like family, etc. She is an absolutely sweet girl. I hate that I fucked up sometimes,but in the end, I did it because she didnt seem to be into me anymore. I really don't think I was ever in her wheelhouse as a guy anyway. As sweet as she is, she can handle some serious sex and a lot of size. I'm not a small guy (for a white guy) and I can usually get chicks off pretty easy. Not her. Never have. So she's been a challenge over those 10 years.

    She had a big crush on a black dude at work recently that didn't work out. Dude moved away, and in general was just a pussy I think for letting her go. Anyway,she's sorta down about it. I think she realized that she was seriously into black guys after all this. By nature, she's not really assertive as far as dating goes. She puts a lot of effort into the kids, and I think she feels dating takes away from them. I need her to be happy though (for my kids and because she's family). The other day she asked me if I had any references for her. It was sort of a joke, but not really. As I thought about it, I'd really like to reccomend a guy I knew to her but I either don't know anyone who I'd trust with her, or they wouldn't be able to satisfy her.

    So here I am trying to hook her up with a sane guy who would be fun for her, and get her head straight. I'm not a cuck and I want nothing to do with any of her relationships. I have other chicks to deal with for that shit. All I'm doing here is sincerely trying to hook her up with a dude who can turn her out and make her feel good about herself for a little while. I can't guarantee it'll be more than a one night thing (maybe thats good for you),but I swear, this little lady can fuck. BBC would really bring it out in her. Basically, she's looking for a real-deal nice black due who is inteligent, can handle a sex-only thing, and can be mature about it. Must also be clean and packing something serious. One night, no pressure from you for anything more. She won't pressure you either.

    Depending on the chemistry between you two, it might take two dates or so to actually get with her, so you need to be cool with that possibility. Beleive me, it would be worth it. If for some reason you are a good dude, and you two hit it off, good for you. Hit us up if you think you fit the bill and are interested. I'd like to somehow know that you're not a scumbag or that you say who you are though. And that's always the tough part. When replying, we don't need a full pic or anything (Im not looking to collect pics of dudes beleive me) but send whatever you're comfortable with for the purposes of proving you're in shape and are what you say you are. Other than that, we'll just have to fly with whatever we sense from you over email. Man to man, I still love this chick and she's my kids mother, so I want to make sure you'll treat her with respect when all the fun is over, or it it turns into more than that. She's 35, Italian, sorta dark, pretty much a latina but with that Italian beauty.
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