Black women and women who fuck blacks

I know there are a lot of “made up” stories, fantasies, and so forth on this site. I also know that there are some true stories and observations. The following story is absolutely true (I will “swear on a stack of Bibles” it is true) as are my observations and interpretations.

First of all, I would really like to know just what percentage of black women fuck white men on a regular basis and how they rate their experiences, with white men, as compared with their experiences with black men. Then, I definitely know some white women, who do fuck black men, on a regular basis, that, at least in my case, do prefer certain white men to their regular black partners.

I am not “that” well endowed. However, my penis is over 7.5-inches long but not quite 8-inches long. A number of years ago, I had to have some abdominal surgery that slightly damaged some of the nerves in the surface of my penis. There is still a lot of “feeling” but nowhere near as much as there is in most men’s hardware. This fact proved to be beneficial to my women partners in that it takes considerably longer for me to cum and that means a much longer fuck for the woman.

Over the years, I have had sexual relations with quite a number of women including several black women and a number of white women who do fuck black men frequently.

There was one white woman, with whom I had a relationship for almost 8-years, who bore two different mixed race babies fathered by two different black men. She got pregnant while in high school and that black man actually married her! Unfortunately, not long after the baby was born, he disappeared and the wife was left without any real means of support. Also, she really was not prepared to care for the infant. She was very lucky in that one of her older sisters took the baby to raise.

To support herself, she became a stripper and bounced around north Texas for several years, usually “shacking up” with black men. However, as far as I know, she never officially divorced her husband. Then, when she was 26, she “hooked up” with a black man who turned out to be a penny auntie drug dealer who got her pregnant. She had a baby girl. A couple of months after the baby was born, he forced her back into stripping and I met her in a strip bar.

She was one of those lucky women who could have a baby and, within just a few weeks, had her figure back and she looked like she had never been pregnant! Her measurements were 34B, 25, 34, about 5’2” tall, and weighed about 100 pounds. She also had a very attractive face.

I have always preferred petite women and, to be blunt, really liked her. It was a very slow night at the club and she sat with me the entire evening. While there, she poured out her story and said that she was trying to get away from the drug dealer but he was holding their baby. I don’t really know why, but I took her home and waited while she got the baby. Then, I took her to a friend’s apartment, a black woman in her early 20s. The next day, her sister came and got the second mixed race baby.

The following day she paged me and I went over to the apartment where, frankly, we had some pretty good sex! A few hours later, her black friend came home and I fucked both of them! Her black friend was married to a half white / half black man and they were having “problems”. In fact, she had not had sex for a number of weeks.

The thing is that both women really liked me and wanted fucked several times a week. The white girl moved away, going to live with a black man who had been her friend for some time. He was kinda like a father figure but did fuck her a couple of times a week. I got to know him fairly well and, sometimes, he would telephone me and ask me to come over and take her somewhere because she was getting antsy and he wanted to make sure that she was with someone who would take care of her. Of course, he was very aware of our sexual relationship.

One thing that the white girl often said was that “I fucked her all day long and then filled her pussy with cum”. Not really all day long, but definitely a lot longer than most men black or white. Another thing was that she liked to watch me fuck black women! Sometimes, when she would call, when I got there a black woman was also present, ready to be fucked. Of course, I didn’t complain!

For the next almost 8-years she lived with several men, mostly blacks, but she would page me two, or three, times a week and want fucked! She always said that I was the best fuck that she ever had. Then, she disappeared for quite a number of years. I have heard that she is back in this area but she hasn’t made any attempt to contact me.

Over about a 4-year period of time, the black girl got back with her husband. However, their relationship was still rocky and she called me, on average, at least once a week to come fuck her at their apartment! I do know that, on occasion, her husband would bring a couple of his black friends over to have sex with her. She definitely did not like that! Then, she stopped calling me. I guessed that she, and her husband, had finally solved their problems. However, about 18-months later, she called me again. She was living in another part of town and wanted me to come over. So, I did.

When I got there, she had a baby boy about 9 months old that was definitely at least half white. She told me that she was finally getting a divorce. Knowing that the baby was 9 months old and that it had been another, almost exact, 9 months since the last time I fucked her, I asked if the baby was mine. She really didn’t answer me but said that her husband said the baby was his and she didn’t correct him.

The divorce was bitter and her husband got custody of the baby. I didn’t hear from her for over a year and then she called me. She was in town for a few days and wanted fucked! After that, I didn’t hear from her again.

Over the years, I have had shorter relationships with other white women who fucked blacks on a regular basis and never had a complaint! In addition, I have had a relationship with several black women and they were always happy with my performance.

Taking all this into consideration, I really wonder how many black women like fucking white men and how many white women, who fuck blacks on a regular basis, are often satisfied with the performance of white partners.