Black Student Seduces White Teacher (Julie Warning)

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This is an international site. Not all care what happens in the USA itself.

I wanted to share this story since it was interesting. A black student (18) seduced his very sexy white teacher to win a $400 bet! Holy shit...

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Read about it here along with video of the IR couple making out.

She was blasted for supposedly being the one who seduced him. Turns out the reverse is true!

Poor girl has gone in hiding. This is a scandal in many ways, IR sex just one level to it.

I know women, eight of them all white and Asian, who fucked their males teachers or professors at one time. That was for a grade increase or to skip the course and still pass. Never met a black guy who fucked a white teacher of his in high school.

Always thought it was more risky for the man in those situations. When a lady teacher fucks a student, there is fallout but not total criminal punishment.

When a man does the same act with a female student, in the USA he will go to jail for some time.Non IR sex between older women and younger high school boys has been on the rise in the USA and many scandals have broken in the past few years. IR sex in that area too seems to be the new theme that is in fashion.

I was not a mild kid in my teen years. Still it seems high school has become more into a sexual incubator today. I wonder who is instigating and who is going along?

I was on the road traveling internationally in 2008 when this last story was shaping. There was a high school girl pregnancy pack ruckus that took place then. Girls seeking to get knocked up deliberately.

I heard at the time, but never cared to look up, that some of the fathers were black and had no link to the girls apart from being asked to convince the kids. Many of the daddy's were white too also. The IR side was down played, so I recall, at the time in the press. Again, High School Sex.,8599,1817272,00.html,9171,1816486,00.html

No mention of IR? Odd omission? You can look online however.

One random comment on that and on high school IR sex and the girls becoming teen moms:

Any of you women fuck a black teacher? In high school or not? Any black guys fuck a white high school teacher when you were in high school? So share if so.