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Black Owned

Here's the finish. Rest was in my mouth. Gee, so sorry I didn't think to verify it with a handwritten sign. Kind of lost in the moment.


Gym teacher at my school, always kind of a flirt. never been with a black guy before, never really thought about it. end of school year party. had a few drinks. walked me to my car. felt his cock through his pants. fingered me under my skirt. followed him to his place. never made it past his sofa. ripped my thong taking it off. fucked my mouth while on my knees. love how he smacked my tongue with cock. climbed on top so wet no hands needed. made me orgasm. sucked on my titties. changed positions. cleaned my cream from his shaft. watched his black cock fuck my pussy. pulled out, sucked him off until he came on my tits. fed me his cock until he was done.
don't know if you can tell the thickness in this pic. i swallowed his cum and he made me taste it off my chest. loved cleaning my juice off his cock.