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    Well, well, well... aren't you the lucky boy. Happy Birthday! Today is your
    special day cause I'm going to turn you into my cuckold. It's perfectly
    acceptable to use the birthday as an excuse to try something new, something
    you'll wish you'd experienced sooner. I dare you. After all, what happens on
    your birthday stays on your birthday... That's right.

    On this very special erotic birthday , I invite you to experience something new.
    Oh, is your cock getting hard, dear? Imagine how awesome it would be to see
    your cum fly up into the air just by reacting to what you're about to see. Ever
    thought about watching a big, black man fucking me? Mmm this should be fun!

    It need not matter if you've ever fantasized about it. Soon this will all be
    just a haze. Tonight you will be introduced to a new world altogether. It will
    be a gradual and smooth transition. You can feel good to know that this fantasy
    is designed completely around your birthday so that you can have your kink
    without guilt. After all, you do want to have a fucking incredible orgasm on
    your birthday, right?

    Here he is now. Isn't he magnificent? Look at his big, muscular body and that
    dark, black skin. Doesn't it look nice next to my pale white body. Oh, and his
    cock! My God, dear, its nearly as big as my forearm, look. Oh you are aroused
    aren't you? But I don't want you touching yourself until I say.

    Remember, I'm doing this for you. Are you ready?

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    Wonderful, Fantastic vignette...spoken like a true white wife that I would fuck a BBC on her husband's birthday! Perfect!!
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    How cum i didn't get thaf for my bday?
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    I'd love that for my birthday. I am thinking about getting a bbc for my bitch for her birthday this summer.