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Big dildos

I'm a huge fan of big dildos!
I want to see all the pictures of girls enjoying their favorite toys....

I'll start....This is my gf's favorite go to toy!
Yeah I know it's white lol...I'll be working that out soon enough

Is this what you want? Watch your sweet little white married wive taking a huge dildo? It is isn't it just only if you'd purchased me a BBC dildo to enjoy!! No going back babe is there??


This what you want hubby? Watch your lovely, hot, beautiful white trophy wive taking this huge, thick and long dildo touching my pussy in places your phethetic littlw white cock WILL never reach! I only wish it was a duplicate of my big black boss huge, long and thick lovely cock I've been fucking behind your back for over a year now!!! He touches my married white trophy pussy in places you've never been!! How I miss being his bbc white trophy office slut on the weekends!!