Beautiful white feet!!!!

Something about a white woman with gorgeous toes just turns me on...anyone else agree?
I love white women with sexy toes and feet. Nothing turns me on more than seeing some sexy toes in high heels or bare. Love giving a female with sexy toes a foot massage, would love to try sucking on their toes, and I love getting a good foot job and cumming all over a sexy white woman's feet.
Well, I know for me, I like a well kept woman from head to toe...and when it comes to that...licking and sucking on a woman's toes can really get her going....would u date a bad ass chick with jacked up feet? Probably not! lol
Who wouldn't want a bad chick from head to toe. I've just never took that literal. You're right that I wouldn't want to date someone with jacked up feet but that is more showing how well she takes care of herself (in my opinion). It's not something that I can see myself getting any sexual gratification out of. To me all this feet talk is equivalent to someone going off about how sexy shoulder blades are. I'm not knocking anyone's fetishes, I'm just trying to understand the perspective.