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BBC Surprise


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My Ex used to send me to the city for a full body treatment every six months , so I continued the treck and just before Christmas I made my Appointment using the same lady as we have become friends , when making the appointment Ann told me she would fit me in late afternoon so we then could have dinner . Ann is Moroccan around fifty and has been doing my treatment for years.
I must add when I go to the city I always wear my I LOVE BBC bracelet Ann has never questioned it but I know she knows what it means , and that brings me to my story , during treatment she started chatting about jewellery and asked about my bracelet due to our friendship I told her what and why I wear it.
She smiled and told me she had known what is was for that's when she started to massage my body and tell me she had a friend who would love to meet me as he was a BBC who loved white women and if I went for dinner he would be there.
We had a great afternoon she really made me hot and shaved me very bare , went for drinks then went back to her flat for dinner.
I set the table for three and soon he arrived , he was around 60 a little chubby but a handsome face and 5.9 very nice and loved to talk , after dinner we sat around then Ann put music on and he asked me to dance , the wine made me mellow and he moved the right groove , we kissed and then he asked if I like black men and of course my answer was yes.
Ann left us and he started to caress me and slowly undo my clothes I was not long before we were dancing naked and I could feel his thick cock resting on my belly and whispering in my ear that he was going to fuck my brains out.
He pushed me to the ground and told me to suck his cock which I did with pleasure he held my head and face fucked me until he blew choking but swallowing as much as I could.
Then he waited a while then I got the fucking of my life.