BBC only for 12 years

I have been married to a sub cuck hubby for 45 years and had many white guys, mostly disappointing. 12 years ago I had my first black man and omg had my first of many multiple squirting orgasms. The next night with him, he had my cuck kneel as he told hubby that my pussy is black only. Happily it remains that way. No longer faking orgasms!!
i share that opinion to


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I am far from a great writer, but will share some of that first night. We decided to meet a black man on a business trip out-of-state, which for me is more relaxing and can be more open, no worries about family or neighbors. One thing I learned early on about cuckolding, is turning hubby into a cock slut first. I always loved hearing him beg me to have sex with men. I figured, that if it is as good as everyone says, I will want black men more and more. So, after finding a good match on AFF, I sent hubby to see him first. That night he was going to have him in his room at 9:00, and typical for hubby, 10-15 minutes later they would be done. It was close to midnight when he called and he was so excited, telling me I will love it. The next day hubby called me saying he invited him back. That night a 4 hr marathon and hub had his first anal orgasm. I was so excited. When hub returned all he talked about is seeing him again and seeing me become his slut. Hubby begged me to go (music to my ears) and scheduled another trip.

That first night he was due at 9:00 and I loved having cuck hubby dress me for another man. I stood looking in the mirror as hub knelt behind me putting the garterbelt on me, then the nylons. He held my high heels as I slipped them on. Then he helped me slip into my favorite button up the front dress, leaving most of the buttons undone. I looked in the mirror and commented that I looked like a slut. He smiled and said, you will be his slut like I am. Hub remained naked and when I asked if he was going to get dressed, hub said he was not allowed. I was amazed at his open submission to this man.

When I heard the knock, I must admit, a little panic took over. However, when he walked in, I just admired his sexy dark skin. His photos did not do him justice. He walked over to the chair, took both my hands, and helped me to my feet. He smiled and said, "Very sexy, but don't cover your body." With that he undid my dress and slipped it to the floor, "Much better." He put my hands on his shirt and called hubby over to kneel by him. He told me to remove his shirt as hub removed his pants. The feel and look of his sexy chest was amazing, but when I looked down and saw hubby holding the biggest cock I had ever seen, I wanted him. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my head so we had eye contact. "Tell me what you want." I could feel my pussy throbbing and no man ever made me feel so excited. Without even thinking, I said "Fuck me." He smiled and said ask politely...I said please. With that he brought me to the bed and hooked his arms under my legs and lifted them high in the air. I reached down to guide his cock into my pussy and he firmly said "No!" Without using his hands he put his cock in me, ever so slowly. I start pushing my hips up to take him deeper and with that he pushed my legs against my shoulders and pinned me to the bed. In a stern, in-charge voice., "Don't try fucking...I do the fucking, not you." With that he push all 9" inches of the hardest thickest cock I ever felt deep inside. Hubby said I was moaning 'oh-gods' and 'fuck' over and over. I really don't remember what I said. All I know, not sure if it was a minute, or many minutes, or what, I had a wave of the most intense orgasms and I squirted; my juices were running out of my pussy down over my ass. I could feel the wet puddle under me. Hubby said I was screaming...I have no idea. It seemed to go on and on in waves which would subside then start again. All I remember was his smile. When he stopped, deep inside, he said to hubby, "You didn't tell me." I knew he was talking about me squirting. The look on hubby's face, I knew he had no idea. He continued to give me the best sex of my life and when I needed to rest, he would have hubby keep, as he said, "My cock rock hard for you sexy wife." But each time he had hubby beg to suck him. Finally, after what seemed like half hour or so, I said something that I never said to any man. "I can't take any more." Hubby said, "It is 2:00 AM." I looked at the clock in disbelief. This so sexy black man, looked at me with a beautiful smile, leaned forward and kissed me. He want to fill me with his cum to feed hubby's fantasy. When I started to orgasm again I felt his hot cum and squirted again. He made hubby beg to clean us, which he did. I was so exhausted, so completely satisfied, I fell asleep.


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