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BBC from Canada

Can't find any canadians on this site. So far only 2. I met up wit ine couple, guessing it didnt work out. Too bad she was hot and I wuda givin her some thick cock nice and DEEP
Try Calgary if you're not there already. Few downtown clubs and bars are the places to be, and there are regular POF and AFF meet-ups sometimes. I used to live there for about 5 years and I hear the pickings are good at the Back Alley, Soho's and a few other places.
Well for their protection I can't tell u which couple. But they seemed pretty cool. But we went for some drinks twice. And thwt was it. Anyway I think there are a lot of fakes on this site.
still in nanaimo, still doing our thing......slowly. i will get my wife to try bbc sooner or later, hopefully sooner than later.