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Average White Wife


Real Person
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My average white wife ready for fucking. What makes her special is she is a slut. She's a good old fashioned slut who loves to fuck and she was turned out by her first bull many years ago. Now she pretends she's goody two shoes and goes to work each day to sit at her desk and talk to the other white working moms about orthodontists and weekend plans to "go to the lake".
When all the while her bulls semen is running over the crack of her ass and she can't wait to be on her back all weekend with her legs spread for him. She won't leave the house all weekend, she'll never see "the lake" but she'll feel plenty of black man seed as he fills her womb to capacity.
On Monday she'll crawl back into work and make some lame lie about going shopping or other bullshit while she sits on her sore and throbbing pussy and smiles.
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