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are you serious.

what he just said is soo true. us white bois can NO way compete with you Black men when it comes to sex and pleasing women..there's just NO way. besides some having small dicks it the way it is...we dont treat women the same as Black men when it comes to sex...actually i think we (most of us white bois) don't even know how to. i certainly don't i know. my second wife and i have NOT been able to please her either. she has been with other men while we were living together and married. my first wife saw other men also, and i definitely could NOT please her either. just me maybe? but i think it's pretty common for us.
sure you can watch.up close.
maybe with my head and mouth underneath as you fuck my wife??...my sissy tongue gliding over your hard wet Black dick as you slide back into my wife's wet soaked pussy...my tongue cleaning her juices off your Black dick as you fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck my wife?