Any Sorority sisters out there craving BBC?!!

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Would you haze your sorority sisters into the BBC lifestyle?

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  1. MackJ

    MackJ Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    It's no guess, that sororities have been around college campuses for over hundreds of years.
    They have been known to set rituals and hazings for women to become permanent members.
    So I wonder, is there any top of the class sorority sisters out there that has a hunger for BBC or wants to use a handsome black male for their sorority's rituals? ;) I am all game if necessary. I think it would be kool to use BBC as a hazing ritual. What do you think?
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  2. bm_from_southjersey

    bm_from_southjersey Administrator Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    While certainly an interesting scenario, and no doubt the plot of some porn movie that has already been made, the likelihood of that happening are probably less than or equal to me becoming Pope, pregnant, or the President. Having joined a fraternity in college, the initiation rituals are held to be somewhat sacred, and outsiders aren't allowed, so unless there is a coed fraternity out there, the imagination is probably as far as it will go.

    And also, any fraternity or sorority will tell you that there is no hazing ;)
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  3. MackJ

    MackJ Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    Oh... You're right. I forgot to mention that. Lol.
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