Any real hookups?

Can someone please tell me if anyone has had a real hookup from this site. I might give up on this site. Alot of nice pepole, but no real hookups. I'm from Connecticut and have not had any luck. Email is if anyone is interested. Thanks
I have personally had 1 real date so far. Not real good considering the amount of people on here but I think distance has a lot to do with it. Take the site for what it is, a place to flirt and if you should happen to get lucky consider that a bonus.
I have had 5 sexual encounters and met some nice women also from this site , u have to take this site for what it really is alot of talk and plenty of fakers.. It is what it is... Don't give up......


Real Person
Ive met 2 girls from this site, 1 of them its not really a secret as some of our convos are public and through her ive "met" 2 more girls (her friends ;)). But having said that the few real white girls on here want to meet black guys, from your profile pic you dont appear to be black.


Had much better luck on CL. I'm quite attractive and intelligent, and live in a popular metro area, so I can be pretty choosy when it comes to CL. On other sites I've had much less luck. Too many unstable people or, more often, people just not in my area.

Which is weird, considering OC/LA is obviously retardedly populated.