Any experience in Negril, Jamaica

Our trip to Jamaica was shall we say...not a lot of fun. We arrived and spent the first day just chillin on the beach. Day 2 She started looking at possible hookups..Day 3 Wife was flirting big time with crew on booze cruise got totally drunk, and then sick and spent the next 2 days sick in bed.. I found out she had told the bartender to make her drinks really strong. Had I known I would have had her pace it was it was a real downer.. after being sick, she just wanted to chill on the beach with no one bothering her. We had a really long discussion when we got home..and she started getting wishy washy as to some possible local I told her we were not going to waste anyone's time on here until she decided what she really wanted to do..So I pulled all the photo's etc. Maybe will put them back up when she decides what she wants to do. It's a work at her own pace deal I guess. As I said before whatever she want's to do is fine with me.