An amazing year with an amazing wife.

The wife and I have been together for over 15 years, and about 10 years ago we were watching IR porn and she was EXTREMELY turned on. Since then it has been a huge fantasy for me to allow her to be with BBC. It's been a bumpy road, but her first time was in 2007 on a trip out of town, he was about 7". After that it was a couple more years until she was ready to try again this time with a high school crush, which she started messaging while I was out of the country (on my insistance to try bbc again). They hooked up a few times over the years but nothing regular he was pretty much the same size as me.
This year something has clicked, she is way more open and met someone from AFF... He had the biggest cock either of us has ever seen, at least 10" and thick as a tree trunk. She has seen him a couple times in the last two months, she says he is too big but I took video and after a week or two she is watching it everyday and back to messaging him again pretty regularly ;) and today I challenged her to reach out to at least 4 guys and talk dirty... Well I just finished getting her ready (just a sexy outfit under a coat and sweatpants) to meet another high school crush at his house, she fooled around with him in the car at a bar once but that was a few years ago.