Amazing hotwife for London, Paris, Chicago, San Diego

I am a semi-retired businessman living in Europe and I travel frequently to European capitals on long weekends and to the U.S. for 30 days every August. My wife is 25 years younger than me and is three parts Spanish and one part Philippine. She's a 36 double D with an ass to make your mouth water. Her enormous blue eyes, long black hair and angelical smile melt men (and women) and cause commotion wherever she goes.

She is submissive and I am her master. However, at my age I realize that I may not be able to handle her incredible playfulness and sexuality much longer and want to get her into the hotwife scene, especially with black men, whom I find more direct and to the point than white guys. She's been with black men in swinger clubs, but she's still reluctant and only does it to obey me. She doesn't seem to be black-cock crazy and has never orgasmed in her life except with me, despite quite a few encounters in swinger clubs.

I hope to make some contacts through this forum and I'll send a pick of my wife as soon as I can.

We will be traveling to Paris and to south and central England in the spring and early summer 2013 and then spend two week in Chicago in mid-August and in San Diego in late August and early September.