Am just me!

Am born a god but made myself a king,which means i down graded into a human being,look like my mother and gat attitude like my never afraid of me ain't scared of any night stands is always full of open bibles....I hate snitches and bitches..when am down some bitches try to kick me but i break their so ghetto and real....i ain't fake like em haters....they serve disasters on a platform but i ain't moved...I HATE LIES..I ain't a black man that complain,keep my shit real,tight and vision is way way more than that of Martin Luther king,Am very futuristic and imaginative can call me Mr transformer...the way i transfer shits around me....Am so to see life different from the way others sees to meet different people with different cultures and background.which helps me to evaluate life more better.below are the basic traits i exhibit on daily basis.